Fashion merchandising – The back bone of Fashion industry

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into the process of how the fashion items or merchandise of your favorite brands are made available for you to buy? No? Well you should. Fashion merchandising is a field, and an extremely important one at that, of the fashion industry. It is an extremely organized process as well as a profession called fashion merchandising which is solely responsible for making your desired fashion brands and their products available for you to purchase. It is the back bone of the fashion business that carries out all the processes from production, product development to promoting, buying and selling. Ladies and gents, all the professionals working in fashion merchandising are truly your fashion fairy god mothers.

What does a fashion merchandiser do?

That is an excellent question. Fashion merchandisers have the most important role which is to determine which types of new fashions are to be produced and eventually gain popularity. They take the most important decisions for the retail outlets in terms of purchasing, advertising and finances. By making the choice of what to actually sell in a store, merchandisers affect your decision to buy a certain product on a daily basis. This is a crucial decision because a merchandiser has to be certain of which product will be in demand and purchased by the customer. To ensure maximized profits, merchandisers have to analyze carefully collected data from various sources and predict with accuracy what product will be certainly liked and purchased months later.

A fashion merchandiser basically controls the markets, buying and selling patterns. After carefully determining the products which they wish to have in the outlets, they then sell it; and it is not as easy as putting a price tag on it. Selling a product is a lot more than just that and includes a lot of steps to be taken to make sure a consumer actually buys it. It is not only how to display and promote a certain product but also understanding the type of consumers visit the outlet. Fashion merchandisers focus n the stores consumer psychology and traffic patterns after which they determine the necessary strategy and tactics to promote and sell the product. For example, Merchandisers move the products which are on clearance sale to the back end of the store. Now the consumers would have to walk past the entire collection that the store has on display to get to the clearance section.

Marketing and merchandising are interlinked. Marketing plays an essential role in fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandisers have to carefully determine the specific target audience for the certain product since they need to sell their product to only that audience which is interested in buying it. Along with that the merchandisers have to determine what kind of a marketing strategy to opt for to advertise their products to their target audience. They have an extensive knowledge and understanding of their product and its potential customers and so carefully determine the right promotions and pricing strategies accordingly.

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