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What is Fashion Marketing?

Fashion marketing is the business philosophy and strategy adapted and implemented, which focuses on the current and potential customer of clothing products and services (including various fashion merchandise as well), to meet the long terms targets and goals of the organization. The very concept of fashion marketing is distinctive from other marketing areas. Since fashion is always subjected to change, fashion marketing allows fashion marketing personnel in the organization, to fully practice implement and experience various marketing strategies and activities.

The Main Functions of the Fashion Marketing Personnel

A fashion marketer or fashion marketing personnel is responsible to carry out a lot of functions. Starting from Market Research, A fashion marketer researches investigates and studies trends and changes in trends of the current market shares of his organization and that of the competitors. His research is then discussed and they come up with different strategies and tactics to stabilize or alter the trends.

A fashion Marketer is responsible for product management as well, where the fashion marketing personnel has to have extensive knowledge regarding the products of the organization; the type of the product, range of products, design and cost of the product as well that of the competitors. Not only that but he also possesses the knowledge regarding the consumer patterns and the target audience for the products which helps enable an organization to run a smooth and efficient marketing functions.

How to promote a certain product is also a task for a fashion marketing personnel. He is responsible to decide and determine what kind of a promotional strategy to use in order to successfully promote the fashion product or service. For that it also needs to be determined what kind of an audience is to be targeted according to which the strategy is implemented.

Fashion Distribution is another function which is the responsibility of a fashion marketer. A fashion marketing personnel is responsible to determine the correct distribution channel for the fashion product; this is determined by conducting a thorough market research and analyzing the current status of the business in the market, after which different marketing activities are carried out as a result of a carefully planned strategy to create a proper distribution channel.

The most important function of a fashion marketer or a fashion marketing personal is that of the pricing and positioning of a fashion product. It is what differentiates their fashion product from that of the competitors fashion product; pricing and positioning. The Fashion Marketing Personnel reads through the extensive market research conducted regarding various product pricing trends in the market and then comes up with a suitable pricing strategy to ensure the products success in the market. But a lot has to be considered in order to set the price of their product. What a fashion marketer also determines and takes into consideration before implementing pricing strategies, is the future strategic aims of the company as well as the consumers of the organization in contrast with the demand of the certain product.

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