Fall Fashion Nail Trends

What complete every look aren’t just the accessories and shoes; it is makeup. It is makeup that binds the entire look together. It is the hair and the lip color and as a matter of fact, make up is the most important accessory for every look. However it is the nail color that puts the finishing touch. Almost every lady preserves and maintains the nails, be it finger nails or toe nails, and tries to keep them fashionable following the latest fashion nail trends, which btw change with the wind.

Manicures and pedicures

The most important fashion nail trend is manicures and pedicures. YES. You heard that right. This is the one fashion nail trend that never changes! You may go to a professional salon or spa to get a proper mani-pedi however it isn’t something you can’t do on your own as well. All you need is a tub filled with warm water, a moisturizer, a few ingredients and a manicure & pedicure kit! Follow these simple steps to give yourself the basic manicure and pedicure:

  • Wash your hands and feet
  • Trim and file your nails If needed
  • Fill the tub with warm water and add a cup of milk and any hand wash you have at home
  • Set your hands and feet in a tub filled with warm water for about ten minutes
  • Take your hands and feet out of the tub and wash them with clean water
  • Use a moisturizer to use on hands and feet and massage them
  • Use the curved tool from your mani-pedi tool kit to push back your cuticles
  • Apply a coat of transparent or any nail color of your choosing

If you want a French manicure, then simply use French tips stickers and apply a coat of white nail color on the tip of your nails along with one coat of a neutral nail color.

Fall Fashion Nail trends

Fall is a beautiful and cold weather; with which comes the latest fashion nail trends. Fall is all about the cold and rustic shades of winters. The statement fashion color is black, white and all the deeper tones of colors along with a wave of neutral or nude tones. Now to cope with the neutrals you need a flare of rich and deep nail colors with deeper tones of blue, red, and grey. Where as to cope with the deeper color clothes you need to have neutral shades of nail colors like soft pink, beige and caramel or coffee.

It isn’t left at just that. The main trend is how you actually apply the nail color. While it’s good to stick with the basics and use a single color, a trendy combination of different shades won’t do you any harm. For example if you are pairing your beige outfit with black nails, apply a back nail color on any one of your finger nails and lighter tone such as grey on the rest and top it off with a matte coat.

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