Eye Makeup Techniques For Different Eye Shapes

When we talk about fashion, makeup is the most important thing. Eye makeup is the key, if you want to look stylish and beautiful. If you don’t know the exact technique of doing eye make up, there are chances that you will end  up in a mess.  The first important thing is to know the shape of your eyes. Here are a few tips, which will help you to know about your eyes and you will be able to do the appropriate makeup, which will give you a stylish look.

  1. Balanced eyes: When there is no particular prominent area in your eyes, we call these eyes as basic or balanced eyes. You have to apply there  different color tones  on  such eyes. Starting from a letter from the inner corners to medium and then darker on the outer corners. If you will apply two shades  only, they  will look more flat.
  2. Prominent eyes: If your eyes are bulging out of your face, they fall in this category. You have to use such shades on these eyes, which will help them to look balanced. Use light shades on eyelids and dark colors on the outer portion of eyes.
  3. Droopy eyes: If the corners of the eyes are slightly downward, we call these eyes as droopy eyes or puppy eyes. Use light highlighter in the inner corners, dark mid tone in the middle and darker color on the outer side, it will give your eyes a lift and they will look balanced.
  4. Hooded eyes: Puffy eyes are called as hooded eyes, when eyelids seem full. You should use light color under eyebrow, medium color on top lash and a darker color on the top of medium color.
  5. Deep set: If your eyes are embedded in the eye sockets, they are called as deep set. You should use highlight shade on eyelid, mid ton above the crease and contour shade on the outer corner of the upper lash line.
  6. Wide set: If eyes are at a distance from each other, they fall in this category. You have to use dark color in the inner corners, to give a compact effect. .

Color set: If the middle distance of the eye is less than usual, they are called as color set. You must use upper eyeliner in this case. Use lighter shades from the inner corner and in the middle part of the eyelid.

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