Enhance your eyes

Sometimes you need to go out in a hurry, yet you want to give a better look to your personality. A little touch of soft lipstick is not enough now. If you give a minute or two to your eyes, you will get a new look in short time. Here we are discussing few steps, which will help you to get a new look.

Concentrate on your eyelashes

When you are in hurry you have no time to put up fake eyelashes, as its quite time taking. Now, you can give a new look to your eyes without going fake. Mascara is very important in this regard, but you should apply it properly. Make sure that your mascara brush can coat mascara on small hair too and the formula of mascara is good to add volume. If you want to add an eye opening effect, apply mascara close to the roots of lashes. Apply it in back and forth strokes, instead of only outward strokes. You will see the difference.

Eye liner

Liner is commonly used on the upper part of lid, but if you apply it in lower lash line, it can do the magic. Line the lower lid with a lighter shade of liner. You can get eye opening effect in this way. Now a day, dual ended liners are easily available so you don’t have to worry about the matching shades.

Try smoky eyes

If you don’t want to try typical smoky eyes like gray and black you can try some fresh colors like shades of purple, blue and greens. Rich shades of these colors will give a good look to your eyes. Moreover, you should use a dense brush for eye shadow application. Use lighter shades inside and darker shades on the outer part of the eye lid. You can smudge your liner in these colors to get a more natural look.

These are just few quick and easy tips, which can help you to enhance the look of your eyes in short time.

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