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Health is wealth, a great saying and it has proven its worth too. For a person health, nothing is more important than the healthy meal plans. If a person is curious about what to eat and what not to eat and follow a healthy meal plan, the chances of health issues can be reduced by a larger figure. It’s a complicated task to search for the best item for your meal plan. Therefore, we have offered here a healthy week meal plans for better health and lifestyle. I also recommend you to know more about healthy breakfast importance and ideas.

healthy meal plans

Day 1:

Meal for a Breakfast:

Try to get some milk and apricots that are best for starting your healthy day.

Meal for a Lunch:

Try to eat some green along with some amount of yoghurt as it helps to reduce the fats.

What to eat in Dinner?

Before going to bed, take your dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before. Sweet Potatoes, bean salad and some yoghurt can fill up your hunger and also the best available options for dinner.


Day 2:

Meal for the Breakfast:

So it’s the day 2 of your healthy meal plan, eat some banana and honey with a multigrain toast. It’s enough for a good start of a day.

Meal for a Lunch:

Try to get spinach with a sweet corn salad as the spinach is best to take at least once in a week in your lunch.

What best for dinner?

Eat chicken wraps along with some green salad and if you want to some sweet, take some ice cream.


Day 3:

Meal for the Breakfast:

For a good 3rd day start take cereal flakes with some milk and boost your energy for morning.

Meal for the Lunch:

Salad sandwich and carrot sticks can be the best one to eat for the lunch. Always try to keep some amount of hunger in yourself as its best for the health. Never try to eat as much as you can.

Meal for the Dinner:

Get some spaghettis with a little amount of yogurt too for your dinner meal.


Day 4:

Meal for the Breakfast:

Tired of eating in breakfast? You want some smoothie? In your day 4 breakfast get some banana smoothie and if you don’t want it then go for fruit toasts.

Meal for the Lunch:

So for 4th day lunch get Pumpkin with some salad. It helps to control the weight.

Meal for the Dinner:

Get chickpea salad with some yoghurt to reduce the fats and try to avoid gaining excessive weight.


Day 5:

Meal for the Breakfast:

Here comes again at day 5 get some cereal flakes with milk and some bananas.

Meal for the Lunch:

Get a coffee or hot chocolate with sushi rolls.

Meal for the Dinner:

You have options for what to eat in dinner among the lean steaks, sweet potatoes or get some steam vegetable.


Day 6:

Meal for the Breakfast:

Eat bread toast or green salad with multigrain bread.

Meal for the Lunch:

For lunch there are multiple options, so eat what desires the most, Get some milkshake or green salad or eat the beef rolled in bread.

Meal for the Dinner:

Get some tasty chicken with green salad and for sweet get some ice cream.


Day 7:

What to eat for Breakfast?

Get a multigrain bread with an egg for the best nutrients for your body.

Meal for the Lunch:

Eat some chicken or grab the sandwich with a yoghurt.

Dinner Plan:

Eat some vegetables or you have a choice of eating noodles, and taking banana smoothie is another best choice.

Here is the 7 days healthy meal plan for healthy lifestyle. By following this meal plan a person can get around:

  • Energy of 6590KJ per day
  • Proteins of 88g per day
  • Total fats of 40g per day
  • 197g carbohydrates per day
  • Fibre of 35g per day

Along with this meal plan, there are some stacks that can be added to your plan according to your daily activities. These snacks offer addition nutrient’s support to your body and offer maximum level of energy.

  • Boiled Eggs
  • Chickpeas roasted with olive oil
  • Yoghurt
  • Wheat cracker
  • Almonds
  • Pop corns
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Dried apricots
  • Milk
  • Seasonal fruits

How to make your own Healthy Meal Plans?

Making healthy meal plans are easy if you are able to do a little research. First, try to set your goal what you want to achieve from the healthy meal plans. After setting the goal search for already created meal plans for a particular goal. Note those healthy meal plans and then merge them on your own choice what you like to each among the items listed in those meal plans. Remember one thing, that before adding the food item in your meal plan always calculate the total level of energy and nutrients you will take in. Plus, always get to know why you added a particular item in the healthy meal plan. Must avoid these common bad habits.

There can be the alternatives of many food items so if in any case you dislike any particular item try to use the alternative instead of ignoring it. As, the meal items are interdependent on each other when we create a meal plan, if you miss one in a week then you are unable to achieve the ultimate goal for what your meal plans claim. Also read about healthy snacks choices.

Reliable Healthy Meal Plans

We always offer a reliable healthy meal plans for the ones who are in need of perfect eating plan. Our healthy meal plans work in most of the cases. You can try one for a week and notice the reasonable changes in your working abilities and inner health. Along with this, there are a lot more online website which are assisting the others in regards with their health through the eating plans.


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