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Effective Leg Curl Method

Effective leg curl method Explains how to train your thighs at home
Effective leg curl method Explains how to train your thighs at home

Explains how to train your thighs at home

The strongest muscle training menu “leg curl” that can train the muscles of the thighs. In this article, we will explain the muscle parts and effects that can be trained with leg curl, the self-weight leg curl that you can do at home, the machine leg curl that you can do at the gym, tips and precautions. Master how to get lean legs!

Table of contents

How to use leg curl | Let’s make your thighs hypertrophied!

Types of leg curl | What is the difference between effective muscles?

Effect of leg curl | Benefits of training your thighs

[Muscle training at the gym] 2 leg curls performed on the machine

[Difficulty ★★ ☆] Seated leg curl

[Difficulty ★★★] Ryeing Greg Curl

[Muscle training at home] 2 leg curls that you can do with your own weight

[Difficulty ☆☆] Leg curl while sleeping

[Difficulty ☆☆] Standing leg curl

Leg curl tips | Tips for improving muscle training effect

Leg curl precautions | Points to remember

2 recommended items to increase the load of leg curl at home

Tighten your thigh muscles with leg curl!

Effective way of leg curl | Let’s make your thighs hypertrophied!

“I don’t know how to use the leg curl machine …”

“How can I make it work more effectively?”

Recently, more and more men and women are going to the gym, and more and more people are working on training using machines. However, people who have just started going to the gym don’t know how to use the gym machine.

So this time, I will explain in detail from how to use the leg curl machine to the correct form and effect.

We will also introduce a muscle training method that utilizes your own weight that you can do at home, so let’s practice from what is possible and strengthen the muscles of the lower body.

Types of leg curl | What is the difference between effective muscles?

There are two main methods for leg curl that can be used to train the lower body such as the calf. Both seated leg curl and line leg curl are highly effective, but because the forms are different, the method that is easy for each person to do is different.

Therefore, I will explain the two features and operations, so let’s think about which method is best for you. Also, both use machines, so please compare the ease of use of the machines.

1. Seated leg curl

Seated leg curl is a muscle training of the lower body that is performed using a dedicated machine like a gym. The basic movement is to sit so that your legs and hips are at the same height, and then lower the part below your knees as if you were sitting on a chair.

Since the purpose of this training is to put a load on the back of the thigh, it is important to fix the knees and ankles with pads when training. In addition, be careful not to move anything other than your thighs, as it will stimulate you efficiently by keeping your condition stationary.

Muscle areas trained with seated leg curl

The seated leg curl trains the hamstrings on the back of the thighs. Hamstring is a general term for three muscles.

Biceps femoris (generally biceps femoris)

It consists of. The characteristic of the hamstring is that all muscles are biarticular muscles that straddle the hip and knee joints, contributing to the movement of both the hip and knee joints.

For example, crouching, standing up, spreading your legs out, etc. The seated leg curl is responsible for two movements contributed by the hamstring, such as flexing the hip joint (raising the knee) and flexing the knee joint (bending the knee), so you can train the back of the thigh efficiently. ..

2. Lying leg curl

A man who trains his lower body with Lying Greg Curl

Lying Greg Curl is a muscle training that trains the lower body with the same special equipment. Unlike seated leg curl, it’s a prone training that is a major practice for many people in lower body muscle training.

The method of Lying Greg Curl starts from a posture in which the person sits on his back and fixes his ankle. Since the pad part that fixes the ankle is loaded, you can raise the knee to bend it and stimulate the muscles.

Muscle areas trained with lying greg curls

The main muscles trained with the lie leg curl are the hamstrings on the back of the thigh, just like the seated leg curl, but the load on the hamstring is slightly lighter than the seated leg curl.

The feature is that the stimulation to the muscle called “gastrocnemius” in the calf is increased by that amount. Compared to seated leg curl, it is a training menu that is more difficult to apply force, so if you are new to muscle training, we recommend seated leg curl.

Effect of leg curl | What are the benefits of training your thigh muscles?

Leg curl is a muscle training that trains the lower body such as the calf. Because most of a person’s muscles are concentrated in the lower body, the three effects produced by training appear.

Let’s check together what kind of effect leg curl has. The benefits of training your calves and thighs, such as dieting and sports, are great.

1. Increases basal metabolism

Muscle training has the effect of increasing basal metabolism

Basal metabolism is one of the actions that humans consume energy.

Basal metabolism is the consumption of energy without doing anything, and strengthening muscles increases basal metabolism. In addition, there are many large muscles in the lower body to support a heavy body, and it is said that more than half of the basal metabolism of muscles is in the lower body.

By training your lower body with leg curl, your basal metabolism will increase compared to training your upper body, which will not only make your diet more successful, but will also help prevent rebound.

2. Increases sports ability

Men who are not accustomed to women were devoted to sports when they were students

What is trained with leg curl is the muscle called hamstrings on the back of the original thigh. Hamstrings are greatly involved in the movement of the lower body, and training improves performance such as jumping power and running power.

Therefore, leg curl improves the ability of sports, and the result of exercise naturally improves. In addition, hamstrings are one of the muscles that are prone to straining, so if you train them well, you can avoid injuries.

In order to enjoy sports safely, leg curl that can train hamstrings is very important.

3. Muscles and legs tighten

When your muscles are trained by leg curl, you can expect a diet for your thighs and calves. Muscles such as the thighs and calves tend to accumulate fat and give the impression of sagging due to gravity. If you build muscle firmly with muscle training, the power to support fat will increase, giving you a natural and firm impression.

In particular, women have many opportunities to expose their legs, and many people should be worried about being fat. Not only men but also women are highly recommended for muscle training with leg curl.

[Muscle training at the gym] 2 leg curls performed on the machine

From here, I will introduce the leg curl method that you can actually train your calves. First of all, there are two basic leg curls performed on a machine such as a gym.

Do it in the right form, actively stimulate and train well. Also, it is dangerous to use the equipment incorrectly, so please consult with the gym trainer before you get used to it.

Machine leg curl 1. Seated leg curl [Difficulty ★★ ☆]

People doing seated leg curl at the gym

One of the basic leg curls, the seated leg curl, is a sitting training on the machine. By moving your legs down, you will be able to stimulate the back of your thighs.

If you fix it firmly, even beginners can easily do it, so if you put it in the gym you go to, please try it.

The right way to train

Sit deep on the leg curl bench

Adjust the weight to the weight that suits you best

Put your foot on the pad

Lower the upper pad until it touches your thighs

Grip the front or side bar lightly with both hands

I will lower my legs quickly

At the time of (6), let’s spread the tip of the foot a little

After lowering to the limit, slowly return to the original

Repeat this operation 8 times

Interval (90-180 seconds)

Do the remaining 2 sets


The guideline for seated leg curl is 8 times x 3 sets. As you get used to it, increase the load and adjust it to increase the strength per unit.

Training tips

Quick when lowering, slowly when raising

Relax without moving your upper body

Work with stable breathing

Try to push slowly instead of kicking back

The point of seated leg curl is that it requires force when lowering.

The longer it takes to return to the original posture, the more stimulating it will be, so if you raise it slowly, it will be stimulating firmly.

Also, if you do it too quickly, you may hurt your knees due to recoil, so please go slowly to avoid injury.

Machine leg curl 2. Leing leg curl [Difficulty ★★★]

People doing rying greg curls at the gym

Another basic leg curl is the line leg curl that uses a machine. By stimulating you to pull up your legs in a prone position, you will train the back of your lower body.

Since the lower body is lowered, it is a training that makes it easier to feel the load and strengthens the lower body.

The right way to train

Adjust the height of the machine and lie down on your face

Put the calf part on the pad part

Hold the bar lightly with both hands to stabilize your upper body

Quickly lift the pad and touch the pad on the back of your thighs

Slowly restore

Repeat this operation 8 times

Interval (90-180 seconds)

Do the remaining 2 sets


The guideline for lying greg curl is 8 times x 3 sets. The load is adjusted by the weight, but since it is a muscle that you are not used to, start with a light load.

Training tips

Work with stable breathing

Stabilize the upper body

Do it with the image of putting the heel on the buttocks

Do it quickly when raising it and slowly when lowering it

Lying Greg Curl stimulates the back of the thighs by pulling up the legs. Therefore, it is important not to stop in the middle, but to do it with a weight that can be pulled up to the end.

In addition, since it is performed in a prone position, it may put pressure on the arms and hips. In such cases, the lower body will be less irritated, so be careful to fix your upper body and move only your legs.

[Muscle training at home] 2 effective leg curls that you can do with your own weight

Leg curl is done using a machine, but in fact it is possible to train at home by using its own weight. So, here are two leg curl methods that you can do at home.

However, leg curl under its own weight is more important than doing it in the gym, such as foaming. In order to train firmly, we will explain the points of each training method, so please be careful not to check only the procedure.

Self-weight leg curl 1. Leg curl while sleeping [Difficulty ☆☆]

“Leg curl”, a muscle training event for the front of the thigh that can be done at home

Using your own weight to train your hamstrings is the leg curl while you sleep. Basically, like a lying greg curl, it trains the hamstrings by stimulating them to lift their legs.

You can also learn how leg curl stimulates you, and it is also useful for learning the basics of leg curl.

The right way to train

Sleep prone on a training mat

Put both hands in front of your face and lift your upper body to the vicinity of the groove.

Bend your knees so that your heels hit your hips

Slowly restore

Repeat this operation 20 times

Interval (30-60 seconds)

Do the remaining 2 sets


The standard number of leg curls while sleeping is 20 times x 3 sets. Before you get used to it, reduce the number of times and be careful not to overload it.

Training tips

Once you get used to it, do either [tie the tube to the ankles of both feet or pinch the PET bottle].

Slow down all movements

Do not bend your toes and always keep them straight

Posture and speed are especially important as leg curls are loaded with their own weight while lying down. Therefore, keep your body straight and move slowly.

Also, if you add recoil, the load will be lighter. Be sure to move your legs only with the force of your thighs, and be careful not to use recoil or the force of other parts.

Own weight leg curl 2. Standing leg curl [Difficulty ☆☆]

Those who are doing standing leg curl

Standing leg curl is an easy way to do when you are standing for housework. By bending to pull up your legs, you can strengthen the stimulation of the hamstring including the thighs.

Standing leg curl is a muscle training that is easy to balance because it is done by touching the wall, so even beginners can easily imitate it.

The right way to train

Stand at right angles to the wall and put one hand on the wall

Bend your knees so that your heels hit your hips

Bend your knees so that your heels hit your hips

Lower your feet to slowly return and keep them off the floor

Repeat this operation 15 times

Interval (30-60 seconds)

Do the remaining 2 sets

Do the same on the other side


The goal of standing leg curl is 15 times x 3 sets. Since you are training while standing on one leg, please use the support of your hands to balance well.

Training tips

Don’t put your feet on the floor

Slow down all movements

Fix the position of the knee

Keep your body straight

Keep your feet floating when you use standing leg curl. This is because if you get your feet on the way, the load will be weakened.

In particular, training with its own weight has a lighter load than the machine, and the reality is that it is difficult to realize the effect unless the load is applied firmly. Therefore, keep your feet floating until the set is finished, and give as much stimulation as possible.

Leg curl tips | “Tips” to improve muscle training effect

Leg curl can effectively train your lower body, but it may not be effective if you just imitate it. This is because the muscles that are being trained are underused and are not stimulated.

So, here are some tips on how to properly stimulate the leg curl on your calves. Let’s use the secrets properly for leg curl and train efficiently.

1. Be aware that the muscles behind your thighs are being stimulated

A man who trained his hamstring and became a manly thigh

The muscles on the back of the thighs that you train with leg curl are the muscles that few people move efficiently. Because you are not accustomed to moving, you may use other muscles such as your lower back when doing leg curl, which may not be well stimulated.

Therefore, be aware that the muscles on the back of your thighs are stimulated. It is important to make sure that you are stimulated during leg curl. It is also said that muscle training is more effective by being aware of the area that stimulates it.

For efficient training, always keep your muscles in mind when performing leg curl.

2. Don’t cheat

The act of cheating is the enemy of muscle training. Cheat is a common practice in everyday life, where you add momentum and recoil to make your movements more efficient. However, cheating during muscle training will reduce the load and prevent proper stimulation.

Therefore, when doing leg curl, be careful not to cheat and do muscle training only with the force of the stimulating part. If you haven’t realized the effect among those who have already started, please check the muscle training method again to see if you are cheating.

3. Exhale when contracting muscles and inhale when expanding and contracting

Proper breathing method for leg curl

During muscle training, I inevitably hold my breath because it gives a heavy load. It’s easy to get stronger when you hold your breath, but it becomes painful on the way and you can’t do it as many times as you want. Therefore, it is important to practice the correct breathing method without holding your breath during muscle training.

The characteristic of breathing is that it makes it easier for you to apply force when you exhale. Therefore, do leg curl so that you exhale when you contract your muscles to lift the weight and inhale when you return to your original position.

Leg curl precautions | Things to remember when working

Because the lower body is an important part of daily life, you need to be very careful about injuries. Therefore, I will explain the points to note when performing leg curl.

People who are enthusiastic about doing muscle training and do unreasonable training need to be especially careful. Make sure you are safe before it works, and then try to train for yourself.

1. If your knee hurts, stop immediately

Muscle pain muscle

Leg curl puts more strain on your muscles than you normally do. If you train hard, you will often hurt your knees and you may get injured that takes time to recover. In addition, because the foot is an important part of daily life, injuries and muscle aches often have a negative impact on work and household chores.

Therefore, it is important to stop training immediately if you feel pain or discomfort in your knees. From the next time onward, decide the number of times as long as you do not have any pain and adjust the content of the training.

2. For machines, set the right weight for yourself

Leg curl is done by using a machine at a gym. One thing to note here is the weight of the load applied by the machine. The heavier the muscle, the stronger the stimulation, but if you don’t have the strength to withstand the load, you are more likely to get injured.

Therefore, be sure to set the optimum weight for your muscle mass. If you are a beginner in muscle training, the guideline is 20 to 30 kg for men and 5 to 10 kg for women. First, apply a load within this range, and adjust by increasing or decreasing depending on the situation after muscle training.

3. After doing muscle training, be sure to stretch

Effective lower body stretch

If you apply the load to the limit with muscle training, you will sit down as it is, or you will be satisfied and return home. However, stretching to stretch muscles can be expected to have the effect of increasing blood volume to muscles and relieving fatigue. Therefore, stretching after muscle training is highly effective for both muscles and fatigue the next day.

In addition, stretching before muscle training is not recommended because stretching to stretch muscles has the function of reducing muscle strength. Before muscle training, do the same movements as training with a low load to warm and raise your body.

What is an effective flexible exercise to blow away fatigue?

Introducing how to stretch the lower body by part. Here are the best stretch guides for detailed tips and the right way to do it.

2 recommended items to increase the load of leg curl at home

As you get used to leg curl at home, the load becomes lighter and the effect becomes less effective. Therefore, let’s check the recommended items to increase the load together.

In addition, the items recommended for leg curl can also be used for training other parts. Therefore, it is recommended to have items to tighten the whole body.

Recommended Goods 1. Training Tube

Patech Fitness Tube Training Tube Exercise Tube Diet Muscle Training Lack of Exercise Inner Muscle Rehabilitation Yoga Stretch Shape Up 5 Levels Load Unisex Storage Pouch

The disadvantage of muscle training at home is that you cannot increase the load. Therefore, a training tube that makes it easy to adjust the optimum load is an easy-to-use and recommended item. The training tube is divided into a fixed part and a rubber band, and you can increase the stimulation to the muscles by shortening the length of the rubber.

It’s easy to adjust the load whether you’re lying down or standing, so you can do leg curl at home more effectively. In addition, the training tube can also be used for stretching, so if you have one, you can apply it to various muscle training.

Recommended goods 2. Dumbbells

Amazon Basic Dumbbell Neoprene Dumbbell 3.6kg Yellow 2 Pieces Set

Items that make it easy to adjust the load of the leg curl are indispensable for muscle training at home. Therefore, a surprisingly recommended item is dumbbells. There is an image that dumbbells are used for arm muscle training, but you can also use them for leg curl by holding them between your legs.

However, you should also be aware of the risk of dropping it on your body or floor if you cannot hold it firmly. Choose dumbbells that are easy to hold with your feet, or materials that will not damage the floor even if dropped, and choose dumbbells that minimize the risk.

Tighten your thigh muscles with leg curl!

Effective muscle training menu for hamstrings: leg curl

Leg curl is a highly effective muscle training method for training hamstrings and calves. However, leg curl has some precautions to be taken, such as how to use the foam and the machine.

Therefore, check the correct method and tips of leg curl in detail, and do it while holding down the points. If you have any concerns, get advice from a gym trainer and try training within a reasonable range.

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