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Early signs of Pregnancy

If you are searching for early signs of pregnancy then you are on the right place. We are going to tell you about early signs of pregnancy.

1. Headaches:
one of the early signs of pregnancy includes headache. This is due to the result of change in hormones. Hormones in your body changes and due to this you often feel headache. You should take Pg.-safe acetaminophen for pain. You can feel headache in the early period. This is the early sign that you are getting pregnant.


2. Backaches:
Are you feeling pain in your back? If yes then it is also the early sign of pregnancy. This is due to loosening of ligaments. This will continue through your pregnancy time. You have to bear it. Your weight gains due to pregnancy. Backache is one of the sign of pregnancy.

3. Cramping:
Cramping is also included in this list. Your uterus is stretching because it is becoming ready for baby. If you are feeling cramp then it means you are getting pregnant. This is the early signs of pregnancy.


4. Food Aversions and Craving:
You start having aversion from food. You started dislike some food, e.g., fish. This aversion is also the sign of getting pregnant. You will notice that you started dislike such food which you never hate; this could be the sign that you are now pregnant.


5. Bloating and Constipation:
If you are noticing that now your jeans don’t fits you perfect and you are becoming fat then it is simple to understand that you are now pregnant. Bloating and Constipation is one of the early signs of pregnancy.


6. Mood Swings Mostly:
If your mood swings mostly even on small talk it means that you are getting pregnant. Your mood often turns quickly in bad mood or you become angry often to your husband then it is clear that you are getting pregnant. You are feeling a little hormonal it mean your body is adjusting.


7. Fainting:
You can become faint in your pregnancy. You are shocked that you saw it before in movies and now it is happening with you. This is due to low blood sugar or blood pressure. This is the early sign of getting pregnant.

We told you 7 early signs of pregnancy. Make sure that you are eating good. Keep an eye on your food. Eat well and must stay well hydrated.  Take great care of yourself, because indirectly you are taking care of your baby.

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