Do you need protein after all? What is the optimal amount?

Do you need protein after all? What is the optimal amount?
Do you need protein after all? What is the optimal amount?

Do you need protein? It’s a question for people who started muscle training for the summer. When it comes to actually drinking, it’s expensive, not delicious, and troublesome. It is difficult for beginners to reach out. So this time, I will introduce the reason why protein is necessary and the optimum amount.

Do you need protein?

When you start strength training, it’s not protein that you’re curious about. Protein is more expensive than you might think, and many people train without buying protein, but it is an essential item for building muscle efficiently. This time, I will introduce why protein is necessary, the reason and the optimum amount to improve the effect. Do not make a detour and walk as close as possible.

Regular meals are not enough

Do men know how much protein they need each day? It is said that a healthy person who is not exercising needs 70g of protein a day, and 80g is said to be taken in the usual diet, so if you are not exercising, you are taking extra protein. It will be. For those who want to build muscle and are doing strength training, it is best to take an amount of body weight x 2g. For example, a person weighing 60 kg needs 120 g a day.

Appropriate amount to make up for the shortage

About 80g of protein can be ingested daily. If you know that the daily intake is body weight x 2g, you can supplement the shortage with protein. However, the human body can only absorb 30-50g of protein at a time, so it needs to be divided into several doses. The recommended amount of protein is about 20g at a time.

If you consume more protein than you need, it may replace fat and have the opposite effect, so be sure to calculate carefully before consuming protein.

Pay attention to the content!

Even though protein is a protein-specific supplement, it is not 100% pure protein. Check the content on the package to get the amount you need. For example, if you want to consume 20g of protein with 80% content, you should consume 20 ÷ 0.8 = 25g, that is, 25g of protein. In order to make a beautiful body, it is important to handle the troublesome work well.

For a body trained with an appropriate amount of protein

Protein is essential for efficient muscle building. However, ingesting a large amount of protein can also put an extra burden on the body. Let’s calculate well and make effective use of protein efficiently!

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