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Do gardening to reduce depression

Do gardening to reduce depression
Do gardening to reduce depression

Depression is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Depression can affect health as well as sleep habits, decision-making or healthy activities, and even the demands of love and affection with family. Sometimes we know the cause of our stress, anxiety, stress or depression, but sometimes we don’t even know why depression is happening. All of these things can be caused by mood swings.

There can be many triggers for mood swings and they are closely linked to depression or stress, although it can be said that both can cause each other. Many people manage stress, but women are more likely to be affected. Causes of stress include marital problems, financial problems, unsatisfactory academic performance, lack of employment, poor children’s lifestyle, bad attitude or differences in office colleagues. All of these factors, or one of them, can cause depression, and when a person is unable to express their frustration, they become angry or have a change of mood.

Hormonal changes can also cause depression, which experts recommend to avoid, such as getting enough sleep, going to bed early at night, waking up early in the morning, reducing caffeine use, and eating a balanced diet. Doing, drinking as much water as possible, exercising, etc. Also, by engaging in a hobby or engagement such as painting, sewing, embroidering or gardening, you can forget about your worries for a while.

Gardening is an interesting activity

Man wants to be close to nature, that is why he likes to walk in gardens, greenery or green areas and this closeness to nature has a good effect on his mind. Gardening is a great way to get close to nature. If you see green plants and colorful blossoms in your home, you will forget your worries for a while.

If nothing else, you can have a good time by caring for a few pots of vegetables and flowers on your terrace. When you touch the soil, your brain produces hormones that make you happy, which makes you feel better and has a pleasant effect on your health.

Stress reduction

Stress is mainly caused by the release of a specific type of hormone, cortisol, and a study found that horticulturists release less of these hormones than those who do not. According to Dr. Philip Smith of the National Institutes of Health in Washington, horticulture has great effects on human life. This will help you to give up the bad habit of sitting and wasting time. Sitting close to nature reduces your stress and most of all you like fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables also help reduce stress.

Another scientist, Dr. Charlotte Pratt, says that working in gardens and fields improves physical, mental and mental health and also helps control blood pressure. Peter James, author of a study, says he has discovered that greenery in particular has a very important and positive effect on mental health. According to their report, the level of depression is reduced by 30% in women living around greenery and plants. This means that gardening not only beautifies our society but also gives the gift of health.

Improving mental capacity

Being busy with gardening can keep you mentally fit, it not only enhances your physical but also your mental abilities. According to experts, regular gardeners have a faster brain and a 50 percent lower risk of developing serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

According to a study by the US space agency NASA, flowers, plants or trees, whether in pots, are very comfortable for humans, so they also arrange them for astronauts, instead of using them all the time on the TV screen. Sit in front of, green plants give them happiness and it improves their eyesight and mental state.

The secret to longevity

According to a survey, people living in natural environment or green areas  live longer than those who live in less green areas. The mortality rate of people living in the natural environment has also been significantly reduced.

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