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Cross –Braid Sock Bun Hair style

Updos are really common in night parties and professional get together. This Cross Braid sock bun is a beautiful looking updo, which you can quickly made. You can easily carry it for wedding, ballet, prom or other formal occasions.


You will need a Brush, spray bottle, 1 sock bun form, 2 small hair elastics, rat-tail comb, 2-4 bobby pins, and Hairspray.


  1. Take two small sections of hair, just behind the both ears. The size of each section should be equal to the thickness of a pencil.
  2. Braid both sections like regular braid and tie with elastics.
  3. Pull the rest of the hair in a ponytail and tie with a hair band.
  4. Keep it high with bun maker and slide it down towards the head. It should cover the hair band.
  5. Spread hair in pony around the bun maker and distribute evenly.
  6. Create a good bun.
  7. Take a small section of left over hair and start twisting it.
  8. Keep twisting and keep adding other hair around the entire bun, until no hair are left.
  9. Keep twisting and secure the end with a rubber band.
  10. Secure it with bobby pins.
  11. Take two braids, which we make on both sides of the head, and wrap them around the bun.
  12. Secure the ends of braids between the twists and secure with bobby pins.
  13. Give a clean look with hair Spray.

You can wear it with any dress and this hairstyle will give a new look to your personality.


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