Car tips and remedies for rough feet

Rough feet are a worst problem. It is a big problem for both boys and girls. People who usually work in open air and they don’t wash their feet regularly are facing this problem. If you have rough and dry feet there are some reasons behind it. Our feet are very far from our heart and there will be a less flow of blood there. You must keep in mind to use such foot wear which are easy feel for you.

1. Foot Wear:
While you are buying foot wear for you, must keep in mind to choose them wisely. You must choose such foot wear which are easy feel for you. One more thing you should keep in mind that you should buy a point foot wear for you.

2. Cream:
People usually don’t pay attention towards their feet. They usually don’t take care of them. But you must take care of them that they are the part of your body. You should use cream for them as you use cream for your face and hands.

3. Excess of Hot and Cold:
You should keep in mind to avoid excessive use of hot and cold water. If you follow this tip you will get smooth and crack free foot.

4. Bare Feet:
Avoid bare feet walk. Don’t walk with bare feet. In that case you can get rough feet and bacteria can also harm skin of your feet.

5. Soak your Feet:
You should soak your feet daily in warm water. Soak your feet in warm water for 5-6 minutes. Always keep in mind not to soak them for too long.

6. Foot Scrub & Pumice Stone:
Foot scrub and pumice stone is the best option for your feet. Foot scrub and pumice stone helps you to get good beautiful feet.

7. Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is very beneficial for your skin and feet. You can get beautiful feet if you massage your feet daily with petroleum jelly.

8. Massage:
Massage helps you a lot. If you massage your feet daily you can get great benefits. It helps you to transfer blood flow to your feet. This will leads to smooth and tighten muscle.

We gave you some major and important tips for your rough and dry feet. I told you some major problems and the tips to fight against these problems. I hope you are reading our words and these will helps you a lot.

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