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Can precum cause pregnancy without penetration?

Can pre-cum cause pregnancy?  The answer of this question is pretty simple.
Yes pre-cum can cause pregnancy.
Pre-ejaculate is commonly known as pre-cum. It is a fluid that comes from man’s penis.
It is also known as Speed drop. It is the fluid that ejaculates from man’s penis before the sperm. But research proves that pre-cum sometimes contains drops of sperm so we should be aware that pre-cum can definitely cause pregnancy.
Research proves that some drops of sperms are left of your previous sexual session so they come out with pre-cum and it can cause pregnancy.

Pre-Ejaculate sometimes contains sperm:

Research proves that Pre-Ejaculates sometimes contains some drops of sperm. So from it we get a clear answer that pre-cum cause pregnancy. It is a small amount but you still can get pregnant so always use protection. Urinating can remove drops of sperms which are left in our penis but it doesn’t wash every drop from it. E.g. if 97% drops of sperms are washed from penis but still 3% drops are left in penis which can definitely cause pregnancy.


Pre-cum is the most common disorder in men. It can cause disadvantage both physically and psychologically.

Supplements for Pre-cum:

There are some herbal supplements for pre-cum.

1. Shilajit:

shilajit helps a lot in providing endurance to in men. It derives from mountains commonly in Himalayan range. It is decomposed plant. It is very helpful for males.
There are some other supplements that you can easily make in home.
* Protection:

Men usually don’t understand what they are doing and majority of men are not aware of this truth that their speed drop which is also known pre-cum is very powerful as it contains sperm and it can cause pregnancy. So doctors always advice to use protection to avoid it.

Pre-cum is not same as sperm. It contains different chemical composition. Sometimes pre-cum don’t cause pregnancy bit it is rare case. Any time couple has unprotected sex and anything comes out of men’s penis into women, it is a great chance of pregnancy.

We witness a lot cases daily that a couple have unprotected sex and the scene ends on pregnancy. The ratio of getting pregnant due to pre-cum is increasing day by day and mostly the age of couples is from 18-25.
Whenever men are sexually aroused we can see pre-cum clearly on the tip of penis.
After the ejaculation, by sex or masturbation some drops of sperm definitely left over inside the tube. During unprotected sex there is huge number of chances of a girl to become pregnant. Using condom can reduce the chances of pregnancy.
Writing it hope in heart that you and your friends are reading it and will get benefit from it.

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