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Calcium Is Important!

Calcium is an element that everyone needs to have in balanced quantity in their body. Like other nutrients calcium also plays a great role in order to keep you healthy and strong. People are so busy with their daily routines that they don’t realize what they are eating and what they actually need to eat. People rely too much these days on processed and frozen food. Moreover the habit of eating vegetables and fruits has almost finished among them. Even children these days do not eat food rich in calcium due to which their bones and teeth are not strong enough as they should be.Calcium Is Important!

Calcium intake is very beneficial for the body in many different ways:

Calcium makes your bones and teeth strong which is very important for your old age days because when you get older your body stops absorbing calcium.

Having calcium intake in your diet also helps you keep your body slim and smart. Calcium plays a vital role in helping you reduce your weight.

Calcium intake also prevents heart attacks and cancer. It also helps reducing your blood pressure related issues and makes your digestion process and immune system a better one.

Therefore in order to keep yourself healthy and strong you must watch out that whether you are having an accurate intake of calcium or not.

There are many foods which are rich in calcium and are far much better than taking calcium supplements. Try to have an intake of those foods which are rich in calcium rather than taking calcium supplements as supplements have many side effects as well.

The foods that are rich in calcium include:

The dairy products such as cream, cheese, milk and yogurt. All of these food are rich in calcium and must be a part of your daily intake. You can take one thing at a time on a daily basis such as in breakfast, you can have a glass of milk, or some cheese being spread on a slice. Different things can be eaten with variations.

Green leafy vegetables also contain calcium which is also good for health and can be eaten either in the form of salad or you may also cook them as well for lunch or dinner.

Calcium Is Important!

Other foods such as almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, oregano, and thyme are also rich in calcium. You can either eat a few of these as it is or you can also use them in your food by adding them in whatever you cook.

It is very important to have required intake of calcium from an early age so that when you grow up you won’t face any calcium deficiencies.

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