Brown Sugar For Your Dry Skin

Do you always feel that you have that dry and rough skin? Do you know that the treatment for it could only be found within your home, especially in your kitchen? Why would you actually feel the need of buying high expensive beauty and skin care products, if you could have the same effects without even spending a dime? If you don’t know anything about Brown Sugar for Dry Skinwhat this article about, then you should know that this dry skin treatment is  the use of brown sugar. Yes, brown sugar could be a good thing that you need to add to your daily skin care regimen.

Brown sugar could be a very good face, body and lip scrub. You don’t really need to add up anything on it, as the sugar it works wonders. Just get about two tablespoons and dump your body a bit and get some brown sugar and scrub it on your body, face and lips. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it thoroughly. Make it sure that you rinse your body well, or ants will be around your body and you don’t want that. After cleansing, path your face and body dry and you will surely see the results. Your skin will totally feel very soft, right after.

However, you must never overdo it. Doing this at least once or twice a month would be a big deal. You can also consider combining ground oatmeal and brown sugar and make a face mask out of it. Use Brown Sugarolive oil, so you can have the consistency that you want and then apply it to the areas of your body that are dry. Leave them for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. Over time, you will see that you are not only getting rid of acne, but you are also fighting out the outbreak and lightening the blemishes. So, do not spend more on anything that would never give you fast results, consider brown sugar today.

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