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Bridal Eye Makeup – Some Tips

On wedding day everything is important, not only dress and shoes but you have to focus on everything including makeup and jewelry. Looking around for dress and jewelry, many brides ignore the makeup. When we talk about bridal makeup, eye make is the most important thing as it will enhance your beautiful eyes and other features of your face.

You should discuss your eye makeup with your makeup artist. The makeup artist is the right person, who can guide you about the eye make according to your dress and shape of your eyes. The bridal eye makeup should be radiant to give stunning looks to the bride. It should not be overdone, as over do eye make can damage your elegance and will give an artificial look to your face, which is not exactly you want.

Ask your artist to use good quality makeup products, as it should not cause any allergic reactions. Before applying any kind of makeup, application of foundation is necessary around your eyes, which should be matched with your skin tone. However, there there should not be a lot of foundation around the eyes, to cover the dark circles. In this case, it will put light on the dark areas and they will get prominent in photographs.

Matt eye makeup was quite in fashion this year but the slight shimmery eye shadow looks really good. Blend of different colors should be used, which should be matched with the bridal dress. Black eyeliner should also be used to make your eye prominent. It should be applied close to the lashes on upper lid. Mascara should be waterproof, it will give a thicker look to your eyelashes. Dark shade should be applied on the eyelids and light shades should be used near eye brow bone. Some artist use eye gloss to give a shine to eyelids, which also look beautiful.

Time of day also affects the eye make. For night function, deep shades should be applied while for day functions, lighter shades are suitable. A lot of things come together to make a perfect bride and one of them is beautiful and appropriate eye makeup.

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