Boston bag popular recommended brand special feature

Boston bag popular recommended brand special feature What is a bag that can be used for travel
Boston bag popular recommended brand special feature What is a bag that can be used for travel

What is a bag that can be used for travel?

The Boston bag, which is useful not only for travel but also for everyday use, is a popular item for men. So, in this article, I will explain the advantages / disadvantages of Boston bags and the points when choosing them! In addition, we will tell you the recommended Boston bag brands for men by material, so please refer to it.

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What are the advantages / disadvantages of Boston bags?

Benefits of Boston Bags | Who do you recommend?

List of disadvantages of Boston bag

What are the points to look for when choosing a Boston bag?

1. Check the material

2. Choose the best size and capacity

[By material] Popular brands of Boston bags for men

[Leather] 8 popular brands of Boston bags

[Nylon / Campus] Explaining popular brands

Add color to your men’s outfit with a fashionable Boston bag

Recommended brand of Boston bag for men | What is a popular bag that can be used for travel?

“I don’t like suitcases because they are heavy …”

“I want a fashionable large-capacity bag.”

The problem with bags is that it is difficult to carry luggage that does not fit in a rucksack. With a Boston bag, you can carry it smoothly without worrying about stairs, and above all, it looks stylish.

However, many men may not know how to choose a Boston bag or which brand to recommend.

Therefore, this time, we will explain in detail the recommended popular brands from how to choose a Boston bag that can also be used for travel.

We will introduce it in two parts, leather and nylon / campus, so take this opportunity to get the perfect bag for you!

Advantages / Disadvantages of Boston Bags | Explanation in comparison with suitcases

Suitcases or Boston bags are the candidates for carrying luggage such as when traveling. There are advantages / disadvantages to both bags, and I think many people get lost.

So, first of all, I would like to think about the characteristics of each bag. Knowing the features and benefits will give you a clear answer that is unique to Boston bags.

If you are planning to buy a bag or are worried about it now, please refer to it.

Benefits of Boston Bags | Who do you recommend?

A Boston bag that can be used for various purposes because it can hold a lot of luggage. There is a suitcase in a similarly large bag.

Both have similar purposes, so it’s easy to wonder which bag to choose. In this item, we will compare Boston bags and suitcases and introduce the advantages unique to Boston bags.

Let’s know the merits unique to Boston bags and use them as a decision point when choosing.

Advantages of body bags 1. Lighter than suitcases

Suitcases are made sturdy, and many of them are made of hard materials, so the contents such as luggage are relatively safe, but they are inevitably heavy. In addition, there are many large sizes, and they may be too large and disturbing for short-term business trips and trips.

The Boston bag is also used by hand, but since many are made of relatively light materials, it can be said that even if you choose a larger size, it will not get in the way.

Advantages of body bag 2. Easy to pack many things

The characteristic of the Boston bag is that it is suitable for packing not only a small amount of luggage but also many things.

In the case of a suitcase, the contents will not be stable unless you pack your luggage tightly, but with a Boston bag you do not have to worry about that.

Being able to adjust the amount of luggage to some extent is an important point when choosing a bag.

Advantages of body bag 3. Can be made smaller when nothing is in it

Most suitcases are made of hard materials, most of which cannot be resized. However, the Boston bag is smaller when you have less luggage and can be folded when you don’t need it.

Suitable size on a case-by-case basis is convenient not only for business trips and travel, but also for everyday use.

There are some bad points like this …

Of course, just as suitcases have their disadvantages, so do Boston bags. The Boston bag does not have the convenience of a suitcase.

Here, we will introduce the disadvantages of Boston bags. After understanding the disadvantages, let’s choose between a Boston bag and a suitcase.

By understanding the advantages / disadvantages and purchasing, you will not be dissatisfied after purchase.

Disadvantages 1. Because it is on hand, it will be heavier as much as it is packed.

You can use your Boston bag and suitcase by hand. However, unlike a suitcase, you have to hold the Boston bag directly by hand.

Therefore, the more luggage you have, the heavier and more burdensome your hands will be. I think men can handle it, but women may have some difficult situations.

However, if you don’t pack a lot of luggage, the Boston bag is more convenient. When using a Boston bag, be sure to adjust your luggage.

Disadvantages 2. Security is uncertain due to lack of robustness

Most suitcases are hard cases, and they are safe because they protect the luggage inside the case. However, Boston bags are often made of soft materials and are not as sturdy as suitcases.

Therefore, it is inferior to a suitcase in terms of impact resistance. The durability of the bag itself is also lower than that of the Boston bag, so those who use it frequently can use the suitcase for a longer time.

What are the points to look for when choosing a bag?

Boston bags come in a variety of materials and sizes. Therefore, even if you want to buy a Boston bag, many people are wondering which one to choose from among many types.

So, from here, I would like to introduce two important points when choosing a Boston bag. If you have trouble choosing a Boston bag, please focus on this point.

If you are buying a Boston bag for the first time or planning to buy a new one, please refer to this point.

How to choose a Boston bag 1. Check the material

When choosing a Boston bag, you can decide the size immediately, but I think many people are worried about the material. For business use as well as private use, we recommend high-quality leather material or nylon material that is easy to move.

Nylon material: Many of them are “water repellent”, so even if they get wet in the rain, the documents inside are safe.

The leather material is easy to match with suits, etc., and can be used in business situations without any discomfort.

From here, we will explain the characteristics of each material in more detail. Make sure you know which material is right for you.

Main materials of Boston bag ① Features of leather material

[Register] Boston Bag Travel Bag 2WAY Large Capacity With Bottom Tack Shoulder Bag Business Trip Travel Carry-on Black Camel Brown 3 Colors

The leather material has a high-class feel and can be used in business situations without any discomfort. A characteristic of leather products is that leather has a structure in which fine threads are entwined and is very strong, and even if it is pulled, it returns to its original shape.

Therefore, it can be used for a long time and also protects the luggage in the bag. On the other hand, it is vulnerable to water and temperature changes, so it is necessary to take good care of it.

Main material of Boston bag ② Features of nylon material

Camouflage_Reservation Sale 2 F Large Capacity 2WAY Nylon Boston Bag Boston Back Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bag Travel Bag Men’s Women’s Golf Carry-on Braided Business Father’s Day 10204-100-118_a2

Nylon material is a chemical fiber similar to silk, which is strong and does not easily lose its shape, and is also resistant to pulling force and friction, so it can be said that it is the most suitable material for active people who travel a lot for short business trips. I will.

In addition, many products can be washed, so it can be used not only by adults but also by families.

However, nylon bags are sensitive to heat and ultraviolet rays, so they may discolor in the summer sunlight. When storing, store it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

How to choose a Boston bag 2. Choose the best size and capacity

I think that the purpose of purchasing a Boston bag varies from person to person, such as when traveling or on a business trip.

The size that is suitable for each purpose is different, so if you use it for everyday use, we recommend the A4 size, which is not very large. For small trips or business trips, choose a slightly larger size. You may also be surprised that the Boston bag is the perfect size for sports such as golf.

This bag is also recommended for people who enjoy sports because it can hold things such as clothes and tools necessary for sports.

[By material] 16 recommended popular brands for men’s Boston bags

I think that there are many people who say that “leather is the bag that an adult man has.” However, in reality, not only leather but also luxury brands are offering nylon materials.

Here, we would like to introduce you to the popular Boston bags and brands for men in order to expand your options for choosing Boston bags. We will introduce not only popular brands from long ago, but also various Boston bags by material, such as those that have been attracting attention recently, so please refer to them when choosing.

[Leather] 8 Recommended Boston Bag Brands

There are several Boston bags made of leather, and each brand has a different design and texture. There are casual designs suitable for everyday use and models that assume the business scene.

The leather material is relatively suitable for both uses, and the advantage is that it can be used in any scene. I would like to introduce the recommended Boston bags made of leather, which are easy to use in many situations, by brand.

Please refer to it when you are worried about the leather Boston bag.


Luxury brand “COACH” was born in New York in 1941. Although it is a brand from the United States, it is a brand that is loved by many Japanese people.

The brand has a strong image of ladies, but in fact, there are many men’s product lineups, and various items such as wallets and bags are on sale.

The popularity in Japan is very high even from a global perspective, and as you can see, we are focusing on Japan as the second position after the United States.

The coach’s design is a fusion of the calm honor student-like “American classic style” and New York’s cutting-edge fashion, and is loved by a wide range of generations.

Boston bag full leather

This Boston bag with high-quality leather creates a calm adult man, and is the recommended size for everyday use, travel and business trips.

The adjustable shoulder can be used as a one-shoulder or diagonal cliff. Because it fits easily in B4 size, it is also recommended for sports scenes such as golf where you need to change clothes.

2. Tsuchiya bag factory

Tsuchiya Bag Factory started from making school bags in 1965, but it is a brand that has been loved by many people for a long time because of its warm design, convenient functionality, and durability.

Rather than just making a bag to put your luggage in, the bag made by craftsmen with great care will be an important item to make memories of the user. Recommended for those who enjoy the aging of leather products and want their own original bag.

Prota Waterproof Grand Boston

With a large capacity, this Boston bag is perfect not only for business situations but also for travel.

“Waterproof fine leather” is used to protect the leather from water and oil without losing its characteristics and flexibility even in the event of sudden weather changes.

Since the luggage of one man is more than enough, it can be used in various business, travel, sports and various scenes.

3. aniary

While there are many brands that move their production overseas, at “aniary” you can find products that are made in Japan by craftsmen.

When you hear “purely domestic and handmade by craftsmen”, you may think that it is quite expensive, but at “aniary” you can enjoy high quality leather products that are kept at a reasonable price.

The brand has a casual atmosphere as a whole, but it also has a rich lineup that assumes the business scene.

Grind Leather Boston Bag

aniary has become a popular brand for men in their 30s and 40s, and although it is more casual, it has a calm atmosphere.

It’s the perfect brand for anyone looking for a “high quality adult bag that’s neither too cheap nor too simple”.

The size is also moderate, and the inside is equipped with pockets that can be subdivided and zip pockets, so you can see that it is highly convenient not only in terms of design but also in terms of functionality.


Speaking of bags that are popular with men, I think many people think of this “PORTER”. Although it can be said that it is a classic brand, it is still supported by many generations due to its wide variety of series and types.

We carry out everything from sewing to finishing in Japan, and it can be said that purely domestic brands are rare and valuable nowadays.

It’s not just a simple design, but the functional beauty pursued in a timeless and thoughtful design reminds us of the importance of bags.


A simple design Boston bag that suits everyone, regardless of age. It thoroughly eliminates waste, makes the shape of the bag smart, and shows a beautiful design.

A diagonal zip storage pocket is used on the front side, allowing you to instantly put in and take out small items such as pass cases. The leather used is soaked with plenty of oil, and because it is soft and crisp, it feels great to the touch.

5. Creed

Founded in 1963, leather products have recently been available since 2004.

The characteristic of the brand is that it has a simple design that maximizes the attractiveness of leather, but it also has a wide variety of designs such as used casual products.

There are many unisex designs that suit not only men but also women, and the brand concept of “beyond the walls of men and women” is also a popular point.

VOYAGE / 3way Boston

A rugged men’s Boston bag that can be used in 3 ways

Creed’s classic series “VOYAGE”, a Boston bag that stands out in many situations because it can be used in handheld, one-shoulder, shoulder and 3-way.

The paraffin-processed horse leather makes it less likely to get water stains or scratches. Another attractive point is that it is a Boston bag that allows you to enjoy the “softness” and “lightness” of horse leather.

The inside of the bag has pockets that can be subdivided, which will be useful not only for business situations but also for travel.


Born in the United States in 1965, it has excellent practicality and has become a popular brand as an outdoor product due to its extremely high durability.

When you think of outdoor products, you may think of them as casual and sporty, but the designs of this brand are all chic and classical.

Therefore, it has a high-class feel, and you will not feel any discomfort even if you use it for everyday use or in the business scene.

Hunting World HUNTING WORLD Boston bag Battue surpass Battue light HW3959BK

Speaking of “HUNTING WORLD”, the original material “Battue Cloth” is used, but the new material “Battue Light” is an improved material that has been changed to a casual one.

Using this new material, the leather is combined well and the design is suitable for everyday use. Also, because it uses a soft material, it can be folded into a small size, making it convenient to carry.


The store that opened in Italy in 1923 is said to be the beginning of “GUCCI”. It is said to be the originator of the brand, and the design with the name logo became sensational at that time, and it is said that it had a great influence on the design of other brands.

It is one of the most popular brands in Japan, but the secret to its popularity is not just its sophisticated design. There are many high quality and practical products, and GUCCI’s high quality products are loved in various situations.

COACH F54802 Black BLK leather Boston bag

It is a high quality full leather Boston bag that you can see the high quality from the elegant appearance.

You can enjoy the solid and solid feeling that is suitable for a calm adult man, and the firm feel of leather. Not only can it be used in business situations, but it also has the capacity to easily accommodate B4 size, so it will be a great success for travel and leisure.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graffit Neo Greenwich

The classic series “Damier”, along with the LOUIS VUITTON monogram, was devised with a hint of the Japanese checkered pattern. The simple and modern design makes it perfect for smart adult men.

Among the “Damier” series, “Damier Graffit”, which is especially popular among men, gives the impression that the contrast between black and gray is sophisticated. It can be said that it is an item that brings out the charm of a calm adult man.

Because it is a material that is often used for casual designs, there are more types of designs than leather products, and it is difficult to choose. Because there are various materials that can be used in various situations, choose the one that suits the user and the scene.

This time, I would like to introduce some popular recommended products from among such nylon / campus material Boston bags.

1. THE NORTH FACE (The North Face)

It is a very popular outdoor brand founded in Francisco, USA in 1968. The North Face is also attractive because it is sturdy enough to be used safely even in harsh environments such as camping and climbing.

For this reason, many Boston bags are also highly durable and rainwater, making them one of the brands that many people love.

THE NORTH FACE The North Face BASE CAMP DUFFEL base camp duffel

THE NORTH FACE The North Face BASE CAMP DUFFEL base camp duffel Boston bag rucksack backpack

It has a large capacity to easily accommodate A3 size, and it is not only for short-term business trips and everyday use, but also for storage space for sports equipment.

Especially for men, this bag is big enough for one night’s luggage. In addition, it is a long-time favorite item because it is resistant to water resistance and friction, which are the characteristics of outdoor products. It is recommended for people who usually play sports and those who have a student family.


It is a brand that is loved all over the world as a sneaker brand, and it helped to establish the position of sneakers. It is a well-known manufacturer that no one knows whether they are playing sports or not.

The cool design, functionality using cutting-edge technology, and many items that can only be imagined by NIKE are still loved all over the world.

Boston bag Large capacity school trip training camp duffel bag Sports bag Nike / Vapor Power Duffle M

It is a large-capacity Boston bag that can hold many items such as sports equipment. In addition, it is highly functional, with two open pockets with a cover on the front and a zipper pocket for subdivision inside, making it easy to organize.

The pads on the front, back, and bottom protect the internal impact. Because the design is simple, it can be used not only for men but also for women. This Boston bag is recommended for people who enjoy sports and business travelers who travel a lot for a long time.


Speaking of a standard brand as a businessman bag, I think that many people mention this brand name.

With the concept of high functionality and modern design, “TUMI” has become very popular with bags made of high-performance ballistic nylon developed for military use.

Ballistic nylon boasts toughness enough to be used in bulletproof vests, and is extremely resistant to friction and scratches. Therefore, it has become a very popular bag in the business scene because it can be used habitually for a long time.


The calm and simple design is of course suitable for business situations, and the main compartment has the functionality of being able to expand the bottom by about 10 cm, which is a high level of convenience not found in other brands.

The outer pocket is also very convenient for storing things you want to take out immediately, such as notebooks and smartphones. It can be said that it is an easy-to-use bag for various situations such as short-term business trips and overnight trips.

4. Felisi

Speaking of nylon bags, one of the must-have brands is the luxury casual bag “Felise”. When a man has it, the sophisticated design of Italy makes a good impression on the other person, and one of the attractions is that it is less likely to be worn by people.

A popular model in the business scene is a bag that combines nylon and leather.

Boston bag P3 / DS

Felisi’s classic travel bag, with its simple structure but large capacity, allows you to carry a lot of things.

Made of nylon, the bag itself can be folded and carried around, making it an item that can be used by anyone on a trip or business trip. Nylon, which gives off a fine and high-quality luster, can be said to be a design that is perfect for adult casual wear.


It is a full-scale military specification bag that conforms to the American military project “Military Spec”. As a feature of the briefing bag, the planning is done in Japan, but the production is produced at the munitions factory in the United States, and it has a slightly special production line.

It is a bag brand that has not only overwhelming functional beauty but also a rugged yet smart design, as it only claims a design suitable for military projects.


It can be used with a briefing 2-way Boston bag, briefs and shoulders to suit your needs.

The main luggage compartment has a capacity that allows B4 size to fit easily, and a pocket for small items in the details makes it easy to organize.

Not only for business use, but also for casual use, which can be used for private everyday use.


“GREGORY” is famous as a bag brand for town use, but outdoor products are also highly evaluated for their durability.

Many of them have casual and fashionable designs, so it is also a brand that is highly regarded by people who value fashion.

Although the price is fashionable, it is a cheap price, so it is a brand loved by a wide range of generations.

ALPACA DUFFEL 30L / Alpaca duffel 30L

Boston bag that looks great on the durable outdoors

A Boston bag with a tough body designed to withstand the strong winds of a hurricane. Since the content is 30L, this one has enough capacity for a short outing or a short business trip.

The main storage section also has pockets that can be subdivided, making it easy to organize. This Boston bag is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts such as sports.

7. Orobianco

In recent years, “Orobianco” has become popular in Japan because of its high quality and high practicality.

We have a policy that is familiar to Japanese craftsmanship, and skilled Italian craftsmen who are proud of “Made in Italy” carefully produce while sticking to the materials. Many generations are paying attention to the sophisticated design of high-grade nylon and leather.


The appearance is simple and smart, but the Orobianco logo is drawn all over and it is gorgeous. Because of its simple design, it is attractive that it can be used regardless of the usage scene such as business or everyday use.

It is possible to use 2Way not only as a Boston bag but also as a shoulder bag. It is a Boston bag that is useful in many situations such as short-term business trips and overnight trips.

Men’s brand 8. PRADA

Speaking of luxury nylon bags, many people think of PRADA’s “Pocono” series first.

Although it is a popular brand that everyone knows, the elegant logo design that is not too sarcastic and not too flashy, and the innovative design that is always on the cutting edge have attracted attention in many times.

It is a recommended brand that is highly evaluated not only for small items such as bags and wallets, but also for all fashion items such as clothes.

PRADA Boston bag

The PRADA logo mark, which has a simple and calm design, is a classic series of nylon bags made of nylon material.

Although PRADA has a strong image of a ladies’ brand, this bag suits men and gives the user an elegant and elegant impression.

The size is not enough for long-term business trips, but it can be said to be the optimum size for business scenes such as day trips and everyday use.

Add color to your men’s outfit with a fashionable Boston bag …

You can see that there are various sizes, materials and designs for Boston bags.

Knowing the characteristics and brand philosophy of each is also a factor in choosing the Boston bag you are looking for.

You want to shop without regrets because it is not cheap shopping.

Using the brands and Boston bags introduced this time as a reference, help you find the Boston bag you are looking for.

Please stand up.

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