Boots That Go Beyond “Cool”. 20 Recommended Men’s Brands

Boots That Go Beyond "Cool" 20 Recommended Men's Brands
Boots That Go Beyond "Cool" 20 Recommended Men's Brands

What are the real “cool” boots that enthusiasts choose? Introducing 20 recommended men’s brands that are particular about not only the design but also the leather material and comfort. First-class boots are different in ease of walking. Let’s make your feet smart with high-quality shoes that are refined as you wear them.

A man who can wear boots coolly is cool.

The boots are masculine and cool. The more you wear it, the more it tastes and tickles the man’s gokoro.

The good thing about boots is that you can be a long-lasting partner. Find the best partner to live with in any case. As a boots enthusiast, I have carefully selected and summarized 20 cool and popular recommended boot brands. You will find your favorite pair.

1. “BUTTERO” to match with jeans

“Boots are with jeans.” The brand that planted that image. Its high-quality leather, which is also a symbol of Buttero, is used not only for boots but also for various items such as bags and jewelry. Buttero’s leather is heavy and sturdy, and even if it gets scratched, it tastes good and disappears naturally over time. The simple but stylish design for adults will calm your feet.

2. Standard brand “RED WING” with excellent cost performance

Red Wing, a brand that everyone has heard once. The goodness of cospa is attractive. Don’t underestimate it because it’s relatively cheap. These shoes are made in earnest and last for 10 years. The longer you wear it, the more it fits your foot, so it will become a tasteful item. There is a reason why it is said that the more Red Wing shoes you wear, the more they fit your feet. The cork that is packed between the insole and the outsole collapses into the same shape as the sole of your foot. You will be captivated by Red Wing with a comfortable feeling of being wrapped up.

3. American-born traditional product “CHIPPEWA”

A brand famous for engineer boots. Not only is it excellent in quality and cost performance, but it is also characterized by traditionally using HORWEEN leather and vintage Vibram soles. Since it cannot be mass-produced, it is produced exclusively in Made in USA. It tickles the enthusiast’s heart with the “brand that chooses people” that people who like it love.

4. Brand “Crockett & Jones” that has established a position in the United Kingdom

This “Croquet & Jones” is the brand that has established the position of the best manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The shoe-making philosophy has remained unchanged for 120 years and is still passed down to the field. High quality and medium price range, recommended for adult men aiming for a higher rank.

5. Royal Warrant History Mono “Tricker’s”

A brand with a history of 180 years. It has been a supplier to His Imperial Highness for over 20 years and continues to provide shoes not only to the Royal Family but also to His Royal Highness. Why don’t you feel the history through these boots? The price is high, but it will surely satisfy you.

6. Commitment to leather and process “JOHN LOBB”

It is a brand that is particular about making shoes so that 190 processes are required to make one shoe. A brand under the umbrella of Hermes, which has been awarded a Royal Warrant by the British royal family. You can feel the comfort without wearing it. John Lobb’s tradition and excellence bring dignity and quality to every shoe.

7. Hand-crafted shoes “Edward Green”

It is a brand that advocates low-volume production and high quality, reflecting the craftsman’s philosophy of “seeking the highest quality possible” by Edward Green. Custom-made products are also possible, and I think the highest priority is to make the wearer feel that they are of good quality. The leather is also made from the finest quality calf leather. Comfortable, sturdy, nimble and stylish, impeccable boots. Let’s bring out the elegance of adults from shoes.

8. For outdoor activities, use it as a companion for your “DANNAER” trip.

The famous brand “Danner” for mountain boots. It became popular among backpackers and is now a staple brand of outdoor boots. The rounded form is also characteristic. The fashionable and elegant design will greatly enhance your coordination level from your feet.

9. This is King of Boots! “White’s Boots”

Whites called King of Boots. Not ashamed of its name, it is a brand that has first-class products in terms of name recognition, quality, and price. Wearing Whites boots seems to be “known” by boot enthusiasts. Made to order is also possible. I think you can find a partner who can wear this brand for the rest of your life.

10. Brand “WESCO” pursuing quality

Wesco is a brand called King of Boots along with Whites. Its thorough quality control is full of commitment, and it is carefully made one by one without choosing commercially efficient mass production. On the Wesco website, a catch phrase “Boots that can be used for 100 years” is written, and you can feel the commitment to quality. It can be made to order like Whites.

11. “Dr. Martens”, the originator of punk purveyor boots

Dr. Martens, a boot brand purveyor to punk rockers. A men’s boots brand developed by a German doctor, featuring an easy-to-walk air cushion sole. Although it is a boot brand born in Germany, production started in the United Kingdom in 1959, and when it was sold in the United Kingdom in 1960, the durable and easy-to-walk Dr. Martens boots became a big hit. Fashionable men’s classic boots that attracted attention among punk rockers in 1970 and still prefer wild fashion.

12. King of American shoes “ALDEN”

Alden, a long-established American luxury shoe brand founded in 1884. Famous as an American men’s shoe brand worn by men who like shoes all over the world. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular American shoe brand. From high-quality dress shoes to rugged work boots, a genuine American shoe brand produced in the United States. Chukka boots using cordovan (leather of horse butt), which is popular among Alden boots, are also famous as fashionable men’s longing boots. Alden’s chukka boots look great from casual to suit styles.

13. Japanese men’s shoes brand “foot the coacher” for fashionable men

Foot the Coacher, a popular Japanese men’s shoe brand that is also famous for working on famous brand shoes. The shoes produced by Toshinosuke Takegahara, who has gained experience in the prestigious British shoe brand Tricker’s, are also famous as a fashionable men’s favorite shoe brand. Carefully made shoes that are typical of Japanese brands are highly evaluated by adult men who like shoes. Elegant and rock-colored boots are a popular brand, and we always have a lineup of cool boots that are recommended for adult rock styles.

14. British brand “Church’s” with attractive neat looks

Church, a British luxury shoe brand founded in 1873, attracts shoe lovers around the world with its neat men’s shoes. It is also famous as a shoe brand that James Bond loved in the popular movie “007” series. Despite the men’s shoes made from high-quality materials, the price range is more affordable than other British shoe brands. It is also called a British shoe brand with excellent cost performance by adult men. Recently, fashionable boots with studs are a popular brand.

15. Attractive boots with Italian craftsmanship “C DIEM”

As an uncompromising Italian men’s brand, Carpediem boasts charismatic popularity among fashionable men. The item that shines with craftsmanship using high-quality leather is just a work of art. The brand Carpediem, which started with boots, always has a lineup of cool boots recommended for adult men’s smart casual and mode style. Recommended boots for a higher-grade casual style to match tight crush denim and leather pants.

16. Italian brand “GUIDI & ROSELLINI” that supplies leather to luxury brands

Italian luxury leather brand Guidian Rossellini with a history of over 100 years. The brand is extremely popular with fashionable men and adult men, and handmade boots are especially popular. Completed in the world’s finest leather, Guidian Rossellini’s boots upgrade smart casual and mode style for adult men. It’s not cheap, but it’s a boot that you can use for a long time, so it’s also excellent for cospa.

17. “Paraboot”, the originator of France’s proud work boots brand

Paraboot of French shoes brand founded in 1908. It is said to be the originator of the French luxury work boots brand, and is also popular as the only shoe brand in the world that manufactures rubber soles in-house. Fashionable and easy-to-walk para-boots shoes are highly regarded by shoe lovers. The main brand is shoes that are recommended for casual wear, but we also have a lineup of shoes that are ideal for suit styles. A brand with boots recommended for jacket style.

18. Long-established British shoe brand “Loake” with excellent cost performance

Roke, a long-established men’s shoes brand founded in 1880. Roke is a well-established British shoe brand that is popular for its affordable price range, and is a favorite brand for men who love shoes. Robust and stylish Roke boots are recommended not only for denim but also for suit style. It’s a shoe brand that is not well known in Japan, so it looks fashionable just by wearing Roke’s boots. Recommended for those who wear authentic British shoes for the first time.

19. British Ministry of Defense favorite shoe brand “SANDERS”

Sanders, a prestigious British shoe brand officially adopted by the British Ministry of Defense. Started as a men’s shoes brand that specializes in military boots, Sanders is popular among men who prefer casual style with sturdy boots. The wild and stylish design of Sanders boots is recommended for adult story style. Matching skinny denim with trendy leather riders, these boots are also recommended for adult rock style feet.

20. Original rubber sole brand “GEORGE COX”

George Cox is a prestigious British men’s shoe brand and is said to be the originator of rubber soles. It is also famous as a historic shoe brand worn by many punk rockers. In this season, when the 90’s style and American casual style are attracting attention, the number of fashionable men who wear rubber soles is increasing. As a result, George Cox’s popularity has risen. For the classic rubber sole boots, we recommend matching it with black skinny pants or tightly damaged denim.

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