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Bathing with hot water reduces depression

Bathing with hot water reduces depression
Bathing with hot water reduces depression

Sometimes small and unusual things in life help us deal with difficult situations. For example, a study has shown that daily bathing in hot water is more helpful than exercise in dealing with depression. According to research experts, doing so has a more pleasant effect on mood.

According to experts, depression is a disease in which the more time people spend in the water during bathing, the more they feel calm in the face of stressful situations. However, some patients have some symptoms during bathing. Let’s take a look at this study on hot water baths in depression.

Research study

Experts from the University of Freiburg in Germany conducted a brief research study on 45 people (who were suffering from depression). All of these people were divided into two groups, one group was bathed in 104 degrees Celsius hot water for 30 minutes daily, while the other group was given 40 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a week. People from both groups and their moods were compared on the Depression Scale (HAMD Scale). Doing so revealed that those who bathed in hot water daily had a 6-score lower score than before the start of the research. In contrast, the other group of people who underwent aerobic exercise had a lower-than-average mood rate of 3. Given this rate, experts conclude that hot water baths, unlike exercise, are more effective for depressed patients.


Body temperature must be normal for the effective functioning of all the organs of the human body and to reduce the level of depression. Bathing with warm water brings the body temperature back to normal. Experts link this whole process to the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythms are the methods that regulate the body with each passing day. Impairment in these methods affects a person’s sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism levels. Understand that deterioration in this rhythm is tantamount to inviting various diseases. It is also important for the circadian rhythm to work properly for normal body temperature. When a person takes a bath with hot water, physical and mental chemicals and hormones are released. This process regulates body clock and circadian rhythms, which reduces the level of depression. Keep in mind that this water should not be too hot as bathing in hot water can be dangerous for the human body. Following this study, it is hoped that soon more research will link hot water baths to the treatment of depression.

Bathing with hot water is beneficial for dealing with many ailments rather than a single benefit. Experts consider hot water to be a cheap treatment. Various studies have also shown that lukewarm water not only reduces the level of depression but is also beneficial for diabetics. Inflammation and irritation in the body is known to be the cause of type 2 diabetes and since bathing with lukewarm water reduces the internal irritation of the body, the severity of diabetes is also felt less. Not only this, bathing with lukewarm water is also recommended for improving the function of blood vessels and peace of mind.

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