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Basic Hair Bow

Lady Gaga is known for doing experiments with her hair. We have seen her in hair bow style, many times. It is not very difficult to make. You can easily carry it on a party or friends’ get together. It is easy to make and you can make it in few minutes.


You need Hair straighter, comb, elastic bands, bobby pins and hair spray.


  1. Straighten your hair, although it’s optional but if you do it, you will get cleaner bow.
  2. Comb you hair and remove tangles.
  3. Take a medium sized section o hair at the top of your head. Make sure that you leave out bangs.
  4. Tie this section with an elastic band and make a loop.
  5. Tie it again, but this time you have to make another loop.
  6. Secure all left over hair with bobby pins. Secure them not only from front, but from behind as well. It’s your choice, you can leave them as lady Gaga usually do.
  7. Neat it with hair sprays.

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