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Awareness of mental retardation

Awareness of mental retardation
Awareness of mental retardation

Many unfortunate people and especially young children are in need of other people due to mental retardation. Such children or individuals need step-by-step guidance. When mentally retarded children are not able to read according to the mental level of other children in school or madrassa, the teachers lose patience and persecute them while teaching them and subject them to more psychological torture than physical. Due to the hostile attitude of teachers and their peers, they run away from school or madrassa. In fact, their brains work slowly, they are slow to speak, think or understand anything. This slowing down of the brain is called mental retardation. March is designated around the world to raise awareness. The purpose of this awareness is to think and work for the welfare of people with mental retardation.

Mental retardation usually occurs before 18 months, during which time the baby has great difficulty learning and understanding. Any child or individual with this condition lags far behind their peers in mental abilities and has a very low IQ level. The main reason for this is the damage to the nerve cells, while the problem can also be due to a defect in the gene system. Also called syndrome and Down syndrome.


  • This disease occurs in infancy or at a very young age.
  • According to general estimates, one to three percent of people suffer from this disease.
  • This mental disability is now also called intellectual disability.
  • This disability is diagnosed by two standard IQ tests.
  • There are no special options for its treatment.


There are no definite reasons for this, but a brain injury, a wound and an infection can be the cause. Hereditary mental retardation is a disease that can be passed on from one parent to another. Even if children do not have access to adequate food, the risk of mental paralysis may be higher. Injuries at birth can also affect the brain. People exposed to radiation can also suffer from mental retardation.

Common symptoms

  • Lack of curiosity
  • Not being able to meet the demand for reading and writing
  • Behaving like a child or getting angry,
  • Being aggressive, hurting yourself or a sudden change in mood
  • Lack of ability to learn. Such children learn to speak and walk late.

This requires an initial and accurate diagnosis. These people behave strangely because of mental retardation. Such people are taught on their mental level. Mental retardation or mental retardation can also lead to other disabilities.


In any type of disability, it is necessary to undergo long-term physiotherapy under the guidance of a specialist. Apart from physiotherapy, children are also given Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


The Mental Health Organization of America first started celebrating Mental Retardation Awareness Month in 1949. In mid-March each year, the organization issues a Mental Health Awareness Toolkit, which provides guidance on the welfare of the mentally retarded. Its ‘theme’ is also formulated every year, just like last year its theme was Fitness 4Mind4Body. Under this theme, people’s attention was drawn to how they can be physically and mentally fit individually for their future.

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