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Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly!

Eye makeup requires a lot of technique in order to be a perfect one otherwise you cannot apply it perfectly. The more perfect your eye makeup is the most charming and elegant you will look. Enhancing the eyes with the makeup is an art which only few people know and are expert at applying. Some people really don’t know how to apply eye makeup and in the fear of that unawareness they do not even attempt to apply eye makeup. If you know a few tips and tricks of eye makeup you can do a flawless eye makeup without and blunders or smudges.Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly!

Today we are going to teach you a perfect technique for applying eye makeup which consists of eye shadow the foundation of eye makeup, if you can apply eye shadows perfectly your eye make is almost complete.

Apply some amount of moisturizer on the place of applying eye shadows and moisturize that part of your eye properly so that no dryness remains there. After the moisturizer is applied apply some concealer and some dry face powder on your upper lids where the eye shadow is being applied. This will make the base of your eye shadow a strong one and will not let your eye makeup smudge.

Select an eye shadow color that matches with your skin complexion and apply it to your eyes on the eye lid. Take your desired shade of eye shadow and apply it on your eyelid softly. When your eye is completely covered with the desired color.

After applying the eye shadow take eyeliner and apply it to your eyes starting from the inner part of your eye and coming till the ends.

Now take mascara and apply the mascara on your eyelashes from both sides top as well as bottom.

If you are going to a formal gathering or a wedding event you can also apply some highlighter on your eyelids with the eye shadows which will give the glowing effect.

Try the above suggested tips on applying eye makeup and you will for sure very soon become an expert and don’t forget to keep yourself updated with the latest makeup trends and the seasonal makeup colors.Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly!

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