Apple’s New Lightning Specification License – 30-Pin and Lightning Connectors in One Accessory

Tom Neumayr – The Spokesman of Apple – has highlighted a problem of Apple devices which people are facing for a long time. According to this report, Apple’s new gadgets only allow accessories incorporated with new lightning adaptor and there is no place for the accessories incorporated with older 30-pin adaptor. Now Apple is changing its lightning specification license which will allow both older 30-pin adaptor as well as a lightning connector in a single accessory.

Apple’s new route of technical specifications is designed to make available clear guidelines for upcoming accessories which will integrate both 30-pin and lightning connectors. Now with this revised guideline, users can charge their devices with both types of connectors. This is really a great news for the users of Apple accessories. After launching of POP which is a charging device for multiple gadgets and can charge 10 iPhones at a time, it was necessary to remove this common complaint of people as well. In fact, Apple has introduced its lightning technology in its latest gadget iPhone 5 and successively in iPad Mini and new iPods. Plug, which is 80 percent smaller than older connectors, is a key feature of this lightning technology introduced by Apple.

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