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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsuny Galaxy S3

There are two smartphone available in the market, iphone5s and Galaxy S3. Both smartphone are having grip and popular now-a-days. iPhone have 4 inch retina display. It is the thinnest phone of 7.66mm while Galaxy S3 is 4.8 inch screen. It is very tough in saying that which one is better. Both are very much successful phones.

If we talk about design of both smartphone then iPhone 5 is 7.6mm thick while Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm thick. iPhone 5 has non removable battery and made up of metal casing while Galaxy S3 is made up of Plastic Casing and it has got removable Battery.


Both smart phone are changed in shape and weight. iPhone 5 is less wide; it is 58.6mm wide while Samsung Galaxy S3 is 70.6mm wide. Both phones are surprisingly best.

Operating system:
If we talk about operating system, both smartphone are best. iPhone 5 runs IOS while Galaxy S3 runs latest version of Android. Both are unique in operating system.

Width and Height:
It will not be wrong if we say that iPhone 5 is copying Galaxy S3 in width and height. iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 is almost same in height.

Both phone have fabulous screen.Apple ups the screen and after increasing the size of screen from 3.5 inch to 4 inch it becomes easy for fifth row app. Apple enlarged the screen 5mm. it gives a great help in getting fifth row app icons.

If we talk about camera, both smartphone are unique in providing 8-megapixel camera and HD video at 1080p. Both smartphone are much good in this sense and at same level.

if we talk about colors Galaxy S3 wins the battle. Galaxy has a great advantage of color. Galaxy S3 comes in variety of colors while iPhone 5 is only available in two colors. Galaxy S3 is Available in White, Black, Blue, Red, Grey, and Brown while iPhone is only available in White and Black.

If we talk about audio of both smartphones iPhone wins the battle. iPhone has 38s1077 Cirrus audio codec while Galaxy S3 has Wolfson DAC. Both have mono speaker. Both have clear audio, and both are winner but iPhone 5 is one step forward from Galaxy S3.

In price Galaxy S3 in one step forward from iPhone 5. Galaxy S3 has low price than iPhone 5.

If we talk about accessories than iphone 5 has got lightning connector, Charger plug, Earpod Headphones while Galaxy S3 has got Micro USB cable, Charger Plug And Headphones.

Both smartphones are very much good and unique and it is a little bit difficult to choose which one to buy.

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