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Anger is the enemy of your health

Anger is the enemy of your health
Anger is the enemy of your health

Anger is a trivial matter, it is a natural and emotional process, which can occur at any time, anywhere and in any unpleasant situation, such as when your car is coming from the wrong path. Collide with or pass on, or when you prepare an assignment after a long hard work but accidentally spills tea or water on it from someone’s hand etc. According to health expert Dr. Michael Burton, “Real and mental changes take place in the human body during anger. As a result of anger, the human body releases more than normal amounts of hormones and neurotransmitters, which affect your brain. That is why the human brain acts abnormally during anger. ” Medical experts sometimes say that it is healthy to be angry, but staying angry all the time is harmful not only for domestic or social relationships but also for your mental and physical health.

Heart disease

Medical experts consider anger and hostility to be an early sign of a risk of heart disease. According to Dr. John Denoult of the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands, various analyzes have shown that healthy people who have had a heart attack and people who had symptoms of heart disease before the attack had anger and Opposition was already present as an early sign. Psychological issues play an important role in causing heart disease and increasing pre-existing heart disease. Physicians should pay serious attention to the symptoms of anger and hostility and send such patients for psychiatric treatment, he said.

Cause of high blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that can lead to many other diseases and risks. If precautions are not taken against this disease, it can lead to a ruptured cerebral artery or a heart attack. During anger, a person’s cabled blood pressure rises above normal, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood and become stressed.

Weakened immune system

Various studies have shown that anger can weaken the human immune system and weakening the immune system invites various diseases to invade. According to medical experts, the habit of being constantly angry causes the immune system to gradually weaken.

Harmful to digestion

Anger affects not only the mental and emotional health of a person but also his digestive system. Research from Harvard Medical School has shown that people who are constantly angry have a digestive system that stops working properly, which not only affects their health but also reduces their diet.

Harmful to mental health

Anger also affects mental health. Being angry reduces memory. According to research published in the International Journal, anger weakens the brain. Anger causes depression, which affects the ability to think and understand. Anger also causes illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

The cause of cancer

Anger is considered to be a good practice, but a new study recently found that if you are accustomed to constant anger and do not express your anger, you can get cancer. According to experts, when we have any kind of emotion, our body produces a hormone called cortisol. If we express our emotions, this hormone will be eliminated automatically, but if the emotions are not expressed, it stays inside the body for a long time. Experts say that this hormone affects our immune system. As our immune system weakens, our cells slowly begin to turn into cancer cells.


According to research conducted at Howard University, a person who is very angry can also suffer from paralysis. Experts describe it in such a way that sometimes there may be clots in the blood in our body. When angry, when the blood flow is fast, these lumps can move fast and get stuck in the arteries that supply blood, which will stop the flow of blood there and paralyze that part.

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