Amazing Medical Benefits Of Roses

Amazing medical benefits of roses
Amazing medical benefits of roses

There are countless colorful flowers all over the world, but in all of them the rose has the status of a king while it is also considered a symbol of love. Roses are not only a source of fragrance or love, but also a cure for many ailments. Today we will learn about their amazing benefits.

Amazing benefits of roses:

  • High blood pressure, gastric acidity, or overuse of hot foods usually cause blisters in the mouth that are extremely painful and do not eat or drink anything. If rose water is mixed with rose water and applied on the blisters, immediate relief is obtained.
  • In case of bad breath and bleeding gums, gargling with rose water is beneficial.
  • Patients with heart failure should mix half a teaspoon of rose powder in a cup of rose water and use it twice a day, but this does not mean that the medicine prescribed by a cardiologist should not be used.
  • If there is diarrhea due to intestinal irritation, weakness or bloody and biliary fluid, rose should be used as a poultice or rose water.
  • Numerous deodorants are available for the stench of sweat, but long-term use can be harmful, so mix rose hips and rose water in a bottle and refrigerate. Applying a small amount of this mixture on the daily sweaty areas does not give off the smell of sweat.
  • Constipation is treated with rose petals made from roses.
  • Rose water is second to none in removing eye redness.

Rose for a brighter face:

For skin, especially facial beauty and charm, mix 10 grams of rose water, 50 grams of Vaseline, lemon juice and 5 grams of camphor. Then leave the eye area and apply it on the face with the help of cotton pad and wash it off after 30 minutes. The face will suddenly open.

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