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Acne home remedies with basic kitchen foods

Everyone wants to have clean face. But it is not so easy to have clear, clean and fresh face and skin. Girls mostly use face wash, cleanser and many other products which sometimes gives them disadvantage. In our article you will get great tips about remedy for acne which you can easily make and is affordable for each girl.

Remedy For Acne:

Natural methods are very helpful. They are easily available in every home and affordable to everyone. You are going to read a lot interesting and beneficial article about remedy for acne.

1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are easily available in every home. There is acidity present in tomatoes. Tomatoes contain great vitamins. It contains vitamin ‘‘A’’, ‘’C’’, and “K’’. You should take a tomato and slice into two pieces and gently rub it on your face. You will get a great result out of it.


2. Potato:

Potato is also easily available in every home. Potato also contains great vitamins. Potato contains vitamin “C”. It gives great benefit to skin. Potato gives a great helps in removing acne and it also brighten your skin.


3. Honey:

Honey is very helpful in every matter. It will only give you advantage whether you eat it or apply it on the face as a mask.


4. Lemon Juice:

Lemon are the best source to fight against acne. Lemons are also easily available in every home. You can cut a lemon into two pieces and gently rubbing it on your acne can heal it. its juice contains vey benefits. You can get a great result if you apply it on your acne spots.

5. Garlic:

Here is one more thing that is easily available in every home. Garlic contains great vitamins. It makes your skin clean and clear.


6. Cucumber:

in cucumber there is 94% water. Water is very helpful for us. Cucumber helps in removing dead cells. You can use cucumber in shape of face wash. It is very helpful and beneficial for human skin.


7. Water:

Water is the answer of every question. Water is the best medicine for acne. You should drink much water every day. It cleans your body from inside. It fights against acne and skin problems. Water is the best and easy way to have a smooth, clear and clean skin.

In our article we told you some major ways to fight with your acne and to have clear, clean and fresh skin. This also helps to brighten your skin.

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