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A woman involuntarily “butterflies”. “Gentlemanly escort technique” that is popular on dates

A woman involuntarily "butterflies". "Gentlemanly escort technique" that is popular on dates
A woman involuntarily "butterflies". "Gentlemanly escort technique" that is popular on dates

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. We will thoroughly explain the escort technique on a date that pleases her from a daily date as well as a special day. It is natural to know the manners that please women as gentlemen. Get it firmly and let the girl cry!

A popular man can do a “gentlemanly escort” on a date

Gentlemen are longing for not only women but also the same sex, right? And if the date escort is perfect, there’s no reason not to be popular. So this time, I will introduce the escort technique for dates that you want to be smart like a gentleman. Aim to be a nice man who can make women squeaky by learning a gentleman’s response.

As a gentleman, complimenting a woman is a major premise

It’s natural to praise a woman

When you meet a woman, let’s praise it first! Because girls are trying hard to get ready for a date.

“The clothes look good”

“Your hairstyle is cute.”

“Did you change your nails?”

Honestly anything is OK. If it’s a special day, you’ll be more fashionable than ever. Be aware of her hard work for you and give a concrete compliment. I’m embarrassed to say that! There are many men who say that, right?

However, please note that women will consider it the same as not thinking not to say it. Don’t be shy, let’s tell it straight! Of course, let’s say “with feelings”.

Choose a restaurant that suits her taste

Choose a restaurant that women like

When choosing a restaurant, do not prioritize the restaurant you want to go to, but choose a restaurant that suits her taste. To do that, you first need to know her tastes. When the food comes out

“Well, I hate…”

What a big counselor when something happens! Of course, cooking is not the only taste. You need to choose a store that takes into account the atmosphere and direction that she seems to like.

Preparation is everything. Advance reservation is required

Book in advance before dating

Once you have decided which restaurant to go to, make a reservation in advance. I don’t want to wait for an hour because it’s full on the day. Then, even if you devise a date plan, all errors will occur. Speed ​​is important when making a reservation. At popular stores, reservations are full from a month in advance! It may happen, so make a reservation immediately when you decide on a day to go.

Classic escort techniques such as “open the door” are smart

It is natural to open the door

Speaking of escorts, “open the door” cannot be removed. In addition, let’s carry out the minimum escort as a matter of course, such as men going down on the stairs and escalators. In addition, men walk on the side of the road. The point is to give women a sense of security and value. Of course, it’s NG! Let’s do it smartly.

In the store she sits in the upper seat

Let women sit in the upper seats at the store

Maybe many people don’t know this escort method? When she enters the restaurant, let her sit in the back of the restaurant. You can see the whole shop from the back seat. Also, women sometimes have a lot of luggage. Therefore, you can safely put your luggage on the back side, so let’s sit on the upper seat.

Don’t forget to be considerate while eating

Pay attention to women during meals

It is also the scene where women seek the most care during meals. After confirming that you are out of drinks, immediately ask, “What’s next?” Don’t forget to have a handkerchief in case she spills a drink on her clothes.

Treasurer without her knowledge

Make smart payments

The chance is when she leaves her seat saying “I’m going to the bathroom”! Let’s call a clerk at that moment and finish the payment. On your way home, when asked “Well, what’s your bill?”, Say “Oh, I’m done”. It’s a situation that men once yearn for. Of course, let’s open the return door smartly.

A little care to have candy and gum ready

Prepare candy and gum in advance

Delicate girls are always worried about bad breath after eating. As soon as you get out of the door, say “It was delicious! Do you have candy?” Girls are happy with this kind of small concern.

If you can afford it, let’s go see the night view

Go to see the night view on a date

If there is a nearby night view spot in advance, it is ant to incorporate the night view into the date plan. If you want to give a present or confess, this is your chance. For a drive date, it’s cool to open the passenger door.

Book the hotel in advance

If you want to enjoy the night after a date, you must also book a hotel. If there is no hotel or the hotel is full when you say “Go to the hotel!” Let’s prepare in advance until night.

Finally, the attitude when escorting

Ready to escort her

The most important thing to avoid in all escorts is the “doya face”.

“I can escort you, isn’t it cool?”

If you make a fool of yourself, your evaluation will go down with the impression that you are gracious.

“This is natural.”

Let’s do it smartly with a generous mind. Girls fall in love with men. Let’s lead women gently and coolly.

The trick to escorting is to treat her as a princess

Gentleman’s escort technique

Men who have smart escorts are naturally popular with women. Every woman has a weak and cute part. Let’s escort like a man and a gentleman. If you can produce a wonderful date, it will surely be a wonderful memory for her. Review this article to master it perfectly and acquire the best escort skills.

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