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A New Addition in the Gadget World, Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Samsung has been launching outclass gadgets for the Smartphone lovers. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was a huge success for Samsung and it also gave a tough competition to other mobile phone companies offering Smartphone and their sales decline because of the Samsung’s amazing launch. Now, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is creating hype amongst the Samsung fans.

Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S4 SmartphoneAs per the latest available news Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to a better one as compared to Galaxy S3 and this Smartphone will comprise of a new eight core processing unit. The eight core processor is known as the Exynos Processor. The display screen of this Smartphone will be about 4.99 inches with a RAM comprising of 2GB storage capacity. It has a secondary camera of 2MP whereas the primary camera of this phone is of 13MP. Jelly bean is the latest android version available in Samsung Galaxy S4. Bluetooth, infrared and Wi-Fi connectivity is offered by this phone. Along with all this it also comprises some entertainment packages for you which include Picasa, Google talk and YouTube. The colors being offered to the users in this phone are white frost and black mist. It also offers downloadable ringtones.

Samsung has introduced a latest security software in its Galaxy S4 which is a value adding features. This phone is considered to be an expensive one as compared to the other Samsung phones available in the market. This phone is definitely the best phone of this year as it offers tremendous multi tasking to the user.

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