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A Guide For Bridal Make Up And Hair

Every girl wants to look perfect on her Wedding day, its natural. For this purpose, you need to select different services, which can help you to look beautiful. The most important of them are makeup and hair services. Here we are discussing that how you can choose a good makeup artist and a few tips for your big day.

If we talk about hair first, you can choose a hairstyle according to your dress and choice. For instance, if you want to look a traditional eastern bride, you should go for the updos and with western cuts you can select other hairstyles as well. But remember, that updos are long lasting and they will remain fresh for long, while if you will go for the down hair, they will give a messy look after a few hours. So, try to select an updo of your choice and look elegant for hours. These days, hair extensions are also available and a large number of brides use them to give volume and length to their hair. Yes, it’s a good idea but if you are using extension, it should be 100 % human hair. Human hair is easy to manage and you can curl and straight time , according to your needs. On the other hand, synthetic hair cannot be curled or straightened, if you will try, they will melt down. Moreover, choose a hair style for your hair, which is like forever, so that you will look trendy, even  after  many  years of your wedding. You can consult different bride magazines for bridal hairstyles, but remember, every hairstyle is not as practical as it seems.

Now we come to the makeup. Select a makeup artist, who has a good reputation. Photographs of her previous work, will help you to know his or her skills. You can ask her previous clients as well. Discuss your makeup with her in detail and tell her what you exactly want. You can go for a trail as well, it will help you to evaluate that how you will look on your big day, Try will heavy flash lights, which photographers use. You can consult bridal magazine for makeup as well. Your make up artists can suggest some changes according to your face cut  and dress. If you want heavy makeup on the eyes, don’t go for a dark lipstick. The makeup artist will work  to enhance  your natural beauty. If your eyes are big enhance them and get attention. Use water resistant eye makeup. If your skin has acne, try to improve the quality of skin before your big day arrives.

No matter, who is the hair stylist and makeup artists, but they should be professional and have a good track record.

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