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5 Foods that reduce your stress and depression

Our mood is related with our food. When we do much work and we are much busy we feel stressed and tired. When you feel tired and depressed it is the time to eat such things which helps to reduce your tension and depression. Some people eat ice cream to reduce their depression and for happy mood, it is a good idea but we are going to tell you some useful foods for you.


1. Oranges:
Oranges are the beautiful fruit. Oranges contains Vitamin C. Oranges contains great benefits for us. The first fruit in the list is orange. Oranges are the best fruits to reduce tension. Its Vitamins helps our depression to reduce. It is a great fruit for making our mood happy.

2. Banana:
Bananas are the most beautiful fruit. Bananas contains great amount of potassium. Bananas contain such minerals which highly affect our inner body and help a lot in reducing down depression and tension. It also contains tryptophan. It also contains such minerals which gives you a sound sleep. They are rich in benefits.

3. Ginger tea:
If you drink ginger tea it gives you great benefit. Ginger comes on the third place. Ginger tea helps a lot in reducing tension and makes us healthy. Ginger tea refreshes your mind and brain. If you come home after spending a long busy stressful day, a cup of ginger tea can fix all problems and you will feel definitely good.

4. Chocolate:
Chocolate comes at fourth place. Chocolate is all time favorite of people from all ages. It contains such minerals which gives you a great jolly and perfect mood. According to research it has been proved that chocolate is the most favorite food of people because it gives people a relax mood. It also contains so many calories. But keep one thing in mind that doesn’t eat too much chocolate, because excess of it is bad for your health.


5. Cashews:
Cashews is a great source of zinc. Cashews come at fifth place. Cashews contain such minerals which are very much beneficial for our health. It also reduces our depression.Cashews

We discussed five fruits that helps to reduce your tension and depression and makes your mood fresh and jolly. There are some other foods that can make your mood good and eliminate tension and depression. We will discuss them in our future article. I hope you will get great benefit from our article.

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