3 Major Eye Makeup styles

Eyes are the most important are of our body which attracts others attention towards us. Eyes attracts more than our words and attitudes. Whenever any relation starts it starts with the eyes. Many people fall in love at first sight which was obviously by eyes. Boys and girls both pay much attention towards eyes. Girls pay more attention towards eyes than boys. There is huge number of cases which proves that meeting between two people starts with eyes. Researchers arranged a small experiment for that and they analyzed that firstly every one notice eyes.
Our article is based on eye makeup. We are going to tell you some important keys to do a beautiful eye makeup which will glorify your eyes and will make your eyes more attractive and eye catching. We are going to tell you three major eye makeup tips, for daily routine, for party and for wedding.
Girls mostly do makeup for party, wedding or for any other event. We will tell you three major eye makeup tips which will cover your all events.

1. Simple eye makeup:
Girls mostly do eye makeup daily. But their eye makeup is not something special. Their eye makeup is simple as they are going to school, college or going to spend time outside with friends. Majority of girls daily use Kajal. Kajal looks superb on every girl. You can apply light amount of kajal and do a simple shade on the above side of your eyes as shown in picture. Don’t do over as you are not going to attend a function. This is simple eye makeup tip for every girl.


2. Smoky eye makeup style:
Smoky eye makeup style is much useful and it is all time favorite of every girl. Girls can do this makeup for parties and functions. Majority of girls are crazy for this style and prefer this style. This style gives you an elegant look and makes you more beautiful. Smoky eye makeup style is useful for functions, parties; outgoing, etc. smoky eye makeup style is shown in pictures.

3. Bridal eye makeup style:
When it comes to a big day of any girl then you have to think twice before you do anything. On wedding day girl have to be look like princess. At that day everyone is watching just bridal how she is looking, and the most visible part every one notice are eyes of bridal. You must be very careful about the eye makeup of bridal. Keep in mind not to do over makeup for your eyes. Choose a light color according to your dress color and below I have added some pictures for your help.


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