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2013 – Most Anticipated Games

A large number of games are released every year. Many games will be released this year too. But all games are not really successful. Here we are talking about the most anticipated games of this year.

The last of us: This game is available for the players of PS3 only. Games like Crash Bandicoot are really popular and the same company is releasing their new venture. The trailer of this game was displayed in a game award show previous year but it will be released on 7th May, 2013. The game is about a father and his daughter, who start their journey from Pittsburgh and after that travel to other areas. The games got inspiration from different other games like City of Thieves.

Tomb Raider: This game will be released on 5th march, 2013. It is available for not just computers but Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. It has been developed by the Crystal Dynamics. It is about a young lady, who calls herself Tomb Raider. It is a challenging game, an action adventure game. People are hoping that this will be another success as other games of this franchise.

Dead Space 3: Dead space series is really famous and this will be the third game of the series. New playable character, called as John Carver, has been added in this game. The game plane is based on a frost planet. The plan is to save the earth from dangerous enemies.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: This game is available for PS3 and Xbox 360. This action based game is like other part of the metal gear series. The main character of the game is Ninja, who try to build an unknown country and fight with his enemies as well. Metal Gear fans will defiantly love this.

God of War: Ascension:  God of war is available for the PS3 players only. This story is about Kratos and how he became a ghost. This is a multiplayer game and 8 players can play it at a time. This is going to release on 12th March, 2013.

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