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2013 – Latest Jewelry Trends For The Bride

Jewelry is weakness for every woman, and when it comes to bridal jewelry its importance increases many folds. Every bride wants to wear jewelry which is not just beautiful but in fashion also. Many designers are making jewelry for the women, not just for parties but for their special day as well. Increasing prices of gold have given a new trend and stones and beads are used in jewelry, in spite of only gold. Different types of jewelry are available in the markets today but here we are discussing latest jewelry trends for brides

This year matching jewelry with the bridal dress was preferred by the Brides. The fashion of kundan Jewellery was also very “in”. Matching jewelry looks stylish and it is comparatively cheap also. Instead of wearing many jewelry sets, brides wear just one set with their bridal dress, which look not only elegant but it was really eye catching too.

Heavy necklace with large earrings were quite in and instead of maang teeka, brides like to wear teeka with many strings to cover one side of their head. Jhoomer was also seen back in fashion this year. Big size rings were back in fashion, not just for the brides but for parties also.

Jewelry trends keep on changing, but this year more delicate and stylish jewelry was in fashion, than ever before.

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