15 Swiss Luxury Watch Brands Recommended Popularity Ranking

15 Swiss Luxury Watch Brands Recommended Popularity Ranking
15 Swiss Luxury Watch Brands Recommended Popularity Ranking

What is a first-class product that feels history?

For those looking for recommendations from Swiss luxury watch brands. In this article, from the charm and history of Swiss watches to the ranking of recommended luxury watch makers in Switzerland, it is open to the public! It also touches on affordable brands and ratings for each brand, so be sure to check it out.

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▼ Why luxury watch brands are gathering in Switzerland

1. The world’s best engineers are gathered

2. Swiss land is suitable for watch development environment

3. There is a manufacturer of mechanical movements

▼ 15 Swiss luxury watch brand popularity rankings

[No. 15] Girard-Perregaux

[14th place] Longines

[No. 13] Jaeger-LeCoultre

[12th place] Richard Mille

[No. 11] Hublot

[No. 10] TAG Heuer

[No. 9] Breitling

[8th place] IWC

[7th place] Franck Muller

[6th place] Breguet

[5th ​​place] Omega

[4th place] Vacheron Constantin

[3rd place] Audemars Piguet

[2nd place] Patek Philippe

[No. 1] Rolex

Why are luxury watch brands gathering in Switzerland?

It is said that the foundation of the Swiss watch industry was laid down by the large number of highly skilled but oppressed watchmakers who went into exile in Switzerland during the religious revolution of the 16th century.

Swiss watches dominate more than 50% of global watch sales, but here are three reasons why luxury watch brands are so popular in Switzerland.

Reasons for luxury watch brands to gather in Switzerland

1. The world’s best engineers are gathering

There are many watchmaker training institutions in Switzerland, including the Geneva Watch School, which opened in 1824, and a training and education program established with the support of watchmakers.

In the watch industry that began in the 16th century, by passing on the advanced handmade technology that has been passed down to the next generation, which is capable of advanced machining, the high quality of the product is maintained and unwavering trust. It is connected to.

Reasons for luxury watch brands in Switzerland 2. Swiss land is suitable for watch development environment

Switzerland has a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the country, including Geneva. In addition, the southern region has stable rainfall, which prevents parts from deteriorating and maintains abundant cool water that can be used for cleaning and polishing parts.

It was easy for craftsmen to hone their skills, and it was the best land environment for both watches and craftsmen.

It can be said that such a stable climate and abundant nature supported the long-term development work.

Reasons for luxury watch brands in Switzerland 3. Manufacturers of mechanical movements

Almost all Swiss luxury watches feature a mechanical movement powered by a mainspring.

Compared to the quartz type that uses batteries, it is a big factor that enhances the status of the wristwatch itself because it makes you feel a profound history while being analog.

Manufacturers of mechanical movements are concentrated in Geneva, Switzerland, and Switzerland has an environment in which it is easy to manufacture the complex mechanism known as a characteristic of Swiss luxury watches.

Swiss luxury watch brand recommended popularity ranking BEST 15

Swiss-made watches, which are known as luxury watches, are world-famous products with a profound appeal for both men and women.

For those who want to have one, here are some recommended Swiss luxury watches in a popular ranking format.


With a unique face design, you can enjoy an atmosphere full of originality

Easy to use with advanced functions such as world time function and chronograph

Sophisticated and fashionable design makes fashion more gorgeous

Founded in 1791 and known for the first mass production of quartz watches in Switzerland, Girard Pergo is a well-established watch brand in Switzerland.

There are many advanced and distinctive models such as a unique face design that combines a circle and an octagon, a chronograph that displays the moon and the moon, and a world time function that shows the time in 24 cities around the world, combining both tradition and innovation. The style they have is gaining popularity regardless of gender.

It is recommended for those who want a high-brand wristwatch with a unique design that can be used regardless of the times.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1791
  • Founder: Francois Pergo
  • Popular model: Vintage 1945XXL Large Date,


Quality is maintained due to our integrated production system, and it can be used habitually for a long time.

Wide variety of designs makes it easy to choose for both men and women

It is available at a reasonable price and is easy to buy.

Since its founding, Longines has been providing high-precision and highly practical watches for more than 180 years, and manufactures watches in a wide range of prices.

It is a brand that maintains quality through its own integrated production system and boasts worldwide popularity due to its ability to win the Grand Prix 10 times at successive Expo.

There are many design variations such as dressy, classical, and metallic, so if you want to get a high-quality watch that suits your favorite fashion, please choose it.

Product status

Founded year: 1832

Founder: Auguste AgassiPopular models: Legend Diver, Heritage


You can create a calm atmosphere with an orthodox classic design

You can choose from many popular models developed based on strict in-house standards

We have developed the world’s first reversible model that protects the dial and is hard to break.

Jaeger-LeCoultre, which is gaining popularity for its orthodox classic designs for both men and women, is a prestigious watch maker that continues to develop groundbreaking movements.

Starting with the invention of the millionometer that changed the history of watchmaking, we have developed a number of luxury watches based on the strict in-house standard of 1000 hours control test, and we are proud of high popularity regardless of gender.

There are many attractive models such as the world’s first reversible square watch “Reverso”, and it is recommended for those who are looking for a classic and advanced watch.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1833
  • Founder: Antwerp LeCoultre
  • Popular models: Reverso Classic, Master Ultra Slim Date

Richard Mille

You can enjoy the presence loved by celebrities all over the world even though it has been in business for less than 20 years.

There are many lightweight models using new materials, and you can enjoy the natural comfort.

Enjoy a profound atmosphere such as automatic winding and super-complication mechanism

Richard Mille, an ultra-luxury watch brand with a unique concept of “F1 watch”, is a luxury watch brand loved by world-famous celebrities even though it has been in business for less than 20 years.

Its presence, such as the development of lightweight models pursuing high practicality, by using a unique production system that does not have its own workshop and outsources to suppliers who understand its concept and the materials used for the car body. Was intense and jumped to the top of the ratings of luxury watch brands.

Recommended for those who want a watch with super high class status.

Product status

  • Founded year: 2001
  • Founder: Richard Mille
  • Popular model: RM020 Tourbillon pocket watch, RM011


The distinctive design of the round screw-fastened bezel is fashionable

High durability by using rare materials such as ceramic and glass fiber

You can create an adult-like charm with chic coloring

Hublot, which has a relatively short history among Swiss luxury watchmakers, is loved by the royal family for its distinctive round screw-fastened bezel design, and has created a new sensation in the Swiss watch industry and is increasing its rating year by year.

It is a brand that has a strong presence due to its unique atmosphere that uses surprising materials such as ceramics and glass fiber, and the high manufacturing technology appointed as the official watch of the FIFA World Cup.

There are many popular models such as “Big Bang”, which has a unique mix of conventional and new materials, and it is perfect for those who are looking for an active and stylish watch.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1980
  • Founder: Carlo Crocco
  • Popular model: Big Bang, King Power Oceano Graphic 4000

TAG Heuer

You can enjoy the high measurement technology and visibility loved by the motor sports world.

There are many variations from round faces to square faces, so you can choose any fashion.

TAG Heuer, which has a strong image of growing with motor sports, is a high-tech luxury watch brand that developed the world’s first stopwatch that can measure up to 1/100 second, and ranked 10th in the popularity ranking.

In 1887, the vibration pinion, which is the basis of the current chronograph, was developed, and the dial, such as the popular model “Carrera”, which pursues visibility so that it is easy for professional drivers living in the world exceeding 200 km / h to see, is also famous. ..

It has simple functions and a relatively low price range, and is recommended for those who want an affordable mechanical luxury watch.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1860
  • Founder: Edward Heuer
  • Popular models: Carrera, Aquaracer


There are many variations of chronograph type watches

High visibility and durability unique to product development technology for pilots are attractive

It is easy to wear and sticks to your arm, so it won’t slip even if you move violently.

Known as a pilot watch brand, Breitling is popular for its highly visible and durable models.

We have developed chronograph-type luxury watches by making use of the technology at the time of our founding, which manufactured precision equipment, and have developed many new-generation mechanical chronograph models.

It boasts the accuracy of being selected as the official watch of the Pilot Association due to its high reliability, and is perfect for those who want to have one professional luxury watch that can be used with confidence.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1884
  • Founder: Leon Breitling
  • Popular models: Chronomat 44, Avenger


Highly practical with a well-balanced mix of German production temperament and Swiss manufacturing technology

Enjoy a high rating with a high brand loved by royal aristocrats

Attractive design with a classic atmosphere that makes you feel the history

IWC, which is a perfect balance between the simple and robust German production temperament and Swiss watchmaking technology, is ranked 8th in the popularity ranking. A popular brand with a simple and stylish design.

It has released famous series such as “Pilot Watch” and “Portugieser” and has been highly evaluated as a brand loved by royal aristocrats.

High manufacturing technology such as developing the world’s first digital pocket watch is attractive, and it is recommended for those who want to wear a practical watch while having a classic atmosphere.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1868
  • Founder: Florentine Ariosto Jones
  • Popular models: Pilot Watch, Portugieser

Franck Muller

A beautiful dial design that makes the most of the curves gives a strong impact

There are many variations such as dressy and classical, and both men and women are popular.

You can enjoy a stylish atmosphere by adopting a super-complication mechanism with a three-dimensional effect.

Franck Muller is a brand launched by watchmakers who have been producing genius watches since graduating from the watch school in Geneva at the top.

Including “Tonow Carbex”, which has an impressive tono-shaped dial formed by beautiful curves, there are a wide variety of dressy to classical styles, and the unique number design that you will never forget once you see it is gaining popularity.

We are also active in the development of ultra-complications such as the tourbillon, and if you want to enjoy a watch with a unique sense that other brands do not have, why not buy one.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1992
  • Founder: Franck Muller
  • Popular models: Heart to Heart, Tono Carbex


High technology that developed complicated mechanisms such as self-winding and tourbillon is condensed

Innovative design can appeal originality

Easy to match with suits in a classical atmosphere

Founded by the genius Abraham-Louis Breguet, who is known as the creator of mechanical watches, Breguet is a famous brand that has changed the history of watches and is ranked 6th in the popularity ranking.

We have developed various mechanisms that were innovative in the 1700s, such as self-winding, tourbillon, and parachute, and their high technology has been evaluated to the extent that it was ordered by Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

It is full of unique charm that combines classical design and the latest technology, and is recommended for those who want high quality and unique watches.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1775
  • Founder: Abraham-Louis Breguet
  • Popular models: Classic Twin Barrel, Tradition


There is a sense of stability unique to a long-established brand that has continued for more than two centuries

A balance between traditional technology and advanced design

OMEGA, which has been loved by both men and women for a wide range of ages in Japan, is a brand that always develops products with advanced designs that match the present age while possessing traditional techniques unique to long-established stores for more than two centuries.

There are many popular models such as “Speedmaster” which was allowed to land on the moon by NASA astronauts, and it is recommended for those who like luxury watches with a novel impression that makes you feel the cutting edge of the times.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1848
  • Founder: Louis Blanc
  • Popular models: Seamaster, Speedmaster

Vacheron Constantin

There is a sense of security with reliable quality unique to the world’s oldest long-established manufacturer

The unique luxury design is full of luxury

High precision with reliable technology that developed various complicated mechanisms

Vacheron Constantin, known for developing various complex mechanisms for about two and a half centuries since its founding in 1755, is a long-established brand with its head office in Geneva as the oldest existing watch maker.

The focus is on products with luxurious designs that are unique to the times, and the reliable quality that makes you feel the history unique to a long-established store shines. As it specializes in jewelry watches loved by celebrities from all over the world, its glitter is outstanding compared to other watch makers.

It is suitable for those who want to wear a wristwatch with a luxurious design unique to a high brand.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1755
  • Founder: Jean Mark Vacheron
  • Popular models: Oversea’s, Patrimony Traditional Date

 Audemars Piguet

You can enjoy the luxury that is famous as one of the three major watches in the world.

You can enjoy the detailed construction by manual process such as ultra-complication mechanism and development of the world’s thinnest movement.

You can create a luxurious atmosphere with the heavy luxury of stainless steel material.

Audemars Piguet, ranked 3rd in popularity, is a prestigious brand among the prestigious watches known as one of the world’s three major watches, and is an unrivaled luxury watch maker in the field of complex mechanisms.

Products produced by the manual manufacturing process of detailed and advanced technology, such as the development of the world’s thinnest movement in addition to the ultra-complication mechanism, are also called “miracle hands”.

Breaking new ground in luxury sports watches, led by “Royal Oak,” which uses stainless steel for luxury watches. Perfect for anyone looking for a high quality, solid watch.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1875
  • Founders: Jules-Louis Audemars, Edouard-Auguste Piguet
  • Popular models: Royal Oak, Jules Audemars

Patek Philippe

As an ultra-luxury watch maker, it is top class in the rating and you can feel the status

A good balance between intricate and precise mechanics and an elegant and classic design

With strict quality control unique to high brands, it can be used as a watch for a lifetime.

Patek Philippe, headquartered in Geneva, is ranked second in the popularity ranking, and continues to maintain the top class among Swiss luxury watch makers.

While having a complicated mechanism such as a crown winding type and a minute repeater, we are developing many models that have both elegant and classic design and excellent technical capabilities that have been loved by celebrities around the world.

The price is super high because it is strictly quality controlled, so it is ideal for those who are looking for a luxury watch that will last a lifetime.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1839
  • Founders: Antoine Norbert de Patek, Francois Chapek
  • Popular models: Nautilus, Aquanaut


Get the satisfaction of being the world’s premier luxury watch brand

Enjoy the development capabilities of innovative models such as the world’s first completely waterproof and automatic screw winding mechanism

You can enjoy the design with a chic and calm atmosphere

Founded in 1905, Rolex is a well-known brand that has established itself as the pinnacle of luxury watches even after it was founded in the United Kingdom and moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Focusing on practicality that combines high precision and many functions, we have developed a number of innovative series such as the world’s first completely waterproof wristwatch “Oyster”, a model equipped with a date display function and a model equipped with an automatic winding mechanism. It has won the first place in the popularity ranking.

Recommended for those who want a practical luxury watch that makes you feel the status. Put on a watch from Switzerland’s premier watch brand and create a cool adult.

Product status

  • Founded year: 1905
  • Founder: Hans Wilsdorf
  • Popular models: Cosmograph Daytona, Explorer I

Make a Swiss watch that makes you feel the history for a lifetime!

A Swiss-made luxury watch brand with a variety of companies from long-established companies to start-up companies.

The technology that has been continuously refined and the sophisticated design that is still in use today are full of charm that can be passed down through the ages.

There are many models that are perfect for genuine people, so why not use the popularity rankings in this article to choose the model you want to keep at hand.

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