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12-Years old girl gets pregnant by 40 years age husband

As you read the title you must get shocked as it’s the obvious thing to be shocked. But it’s not the rumor or fake news it’s confirmed. In East China Jiangsu province a 40 year old husband brings her 12 years old wife in Xuzhou City central hospital for her routine pregnancy checkup. The hospital management confirms that the girl was 3 months pregnant and her foetus was healthy.

Her husband lie to hospital management that her age is 20 years. But the hospital management confirms that she was not older than 12 years. Her identity kept private from the staff and public.

Hospital staff also alerts the local authorities about this condition, as the girl which come to their hospital was looks to be a school girl. They also ask her the questions but she was not able to answer them. Her husband said forcefully to staff to do their job doesn’t ask so many questions.


After arriving the police they ask for the chinese id from girl but then they come to know the girl was not chinese. She was from south asia. Her original origin is still un clear. But she probably be from Vietnam. As the Chinese has the history to purchase there brides from Vietnam. But it’s the possibility. Investigation on this matter is still on-going and once we got the clear facts we will post you more about it.

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