10 Topics That Get Excited By Calling Your Favorite Person

Topics That Get Excited By Calling Your Favorite Person
Topics That Get Excited By Calling Your Favorite Person

For those who want to call someone they like but are worried about what to talk about. In this article, we will publish a lot of hot topics on the phone with your favorite people. Introducing these topics that both men and women should not talk about, let alone the standard material recommended!

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  • 10 topics that get excited by calling with your favorite person
  • Three topics that are on the phone with your favorite person

I want to choose the topic properly because it is a phone call with my favorite person.

In the early days of romance, it’s not enough time to call someone you like, and it’s one of the pleasures of the day.

Some people say, “I want to talk about this and that,” while others are nervous and say, “I don’t know what to talk about.”

So, this time, I will give a lecture on choosing a topic on the phone so that you can get closer to your favorite person. In the second half, there are some NG topics, so please check it in detail.

10 hot topics on the phone with your favorite person

Now, let’s talk about the hot topics on the phone with your favorite person.

We have prepared topics that are exciting because they are over the phone, as well as stories that you want to exchange with your favorite people. Before picking up the receiver, be sure to prepare for topic selection.

Exciting phone topics 1. Talk about the other person’s voice

It is one of the hot topics because the information is only the “voice” of the other party.

It’s easy to talk about it because the atmosphere and tone change when you meet in person and when you talk on the phone.

For example, he says, “I feel that the telephone is lower than the voice when talking directly.” Or it is an ant to praise.

“Healing when you hear your voice” etc. Unless you have a very distinctive voice, the other person will be happy because you don’t usually have many opportunities to praise your voice.

Exciting phone topics 2. Talk about the TV and music you are playing while you are on the phone

This is one of the topics that can be discussed when we get to know each other.

Some people play music or TV when they are on the phone. If the other party is playing something, ask about the song, “Are you listening to the music now?”, And get an explanation about the song title and artist.

When you hear the TV, it will be a fun time to watch the same program as “What are you watching? I’ll watch the same program, too?”

The point of excitement is that both have sound and a sense of presence.

Exciting phone topics 3. Talk about common memories

Even if it is a memory, a detailed one is enough. For example, an interesting mistake or natural remark made by one of them recently, an impressive episode, etc.

It’s fun to laugh with the other person by saying, “I really laughed at that time.” It’s also ◎ to talk to each other, “Isn’t it okay if I don’t laugh so much?”

However, even if you are interesting, there may be episodes that the other person is uncomfortable with, so it is necessary to adjust the topic selection.

Exciting phone topics 4. Ask what you’ll do next vacation

Listening to the schedule for the next vacation is one of the exciting topics.

While calling, look up the spot where the other party will go to the next vacation, say “Yes! It looks so fun! Come on!” And take a reaction and it will be exciting.

It will be easier to come up with a common story if you search the search screen on the spot while making a phone call. “How long does it take from home here?” Time will pass in a blink of an eye as the conversation spreads and you notice it.

Exciting phone topics 5. Talk about your ideal romance

Unlike face-to-face, the advantage of telephone is that you can talk while thinking slowly. You don’t have to return the reply right away, so it’s easy to talk deeply.

The topic that gets excited there is about ideal romance. You can talk a lot about “what type of person do you want to associate with?” And “what kind of person do you want to associate with next?”

The point of excitement is that if you ask more about empathy and why you think so, the depth of the conversation will increase. However, it will probably be too exciting and will take a long time, so let’s choose “love” as a topic when the other party has a relatively large amount of time.

Exciting phone topics 6. Talk about your favorite foods and drinks

It’s a hot topic for your favorite foods and drinks.

It is also an ant to ask what was delicious recently, and if you eat out a lot, which restaurant’s rice was good. For food and drinks, say “Send the URL after the store!” And continue the conversation on LINE after that.

If anything, you can promise to meet “Let’s go together next time”, so it can be used as an excuse for a date.

Exciting phone topics 7. Talk about what you were happy about recently

Whether it’s work or private, it’s exciting to share the happy things that have happened with each other recently.

“I was praised at work”, “I enjoyed my private life”, etc. It is recommended to cut out “Have you had any good things recently?”

I think that the other person will talk more and more at your own pace over the phone, so let’s listen to a lot of stories.

Exciting phone topics 8. Talk about the future

The story of the future is full of dreams and hopes, so it will inevitably be exciting. “What do you want to do for your work?”, “What kind of place do you want to live in?”, “Travel destinations I went to someday”, etc.

When you talk about things and things that you want to challenge more and more from now on, you will be excited and the conversation will be more and more exciting. If there is a dream that the two of us have in common, it will be exciting again.

Why don’t you ask a lot of people and talk with them if you have a similar dream.

Exciting phone topics 9. Ask about what you were doing today and the people around you

If you get along with calling several times, it’s quite close, so you may want to have a conversation that looks a bit like a couple.

Exciting phone topics 10. Ask again what you said before

“By the way, did you solve the problem you said last time?”, “Did you enjoy the one you said last time?”

If you ask it as a continuation of the last time, you can talk after understanding the flow of conversation, so you can save the trouble of asking questions.

The other person will also increase your liking for you, saying, “You remembered your story well.” It’s a recommended story because you can appeal with a pulse and you can continue to enjoy conversation.

Three topics on the phone with your favorite person

Unlike face-to-face, it is difficult to make jokes on the phone. Because you can’t see your facial expression, it’s hard to draw a line whether you’re really saying it or you’re kidding.

Moreover, since it is a phone call with a person I like, I want to be more careful when choosing topics.

Maybe you’ll be disliked by touching an NG topic. In order not to make such a mistake, I will tell you about topics when you call your favorite person.

Topics on the phone 1. Speak all work complaints and negative remarks

When you’re feeling too stressed, you’ll want to talk, but basically refrain from complaining about your work or making negative statements.

On the contrary, it is NG to get a complaint from the other party, “Isn’t it hard to work?” It’s a precious time, so let’s focus on positive and fun stories rather than negative and negative stories.

Since you can’t see your facial expressions, you may feel that the air is heavier just by listening.

Topics on the phone 2. Lively stories about money such as salary, rent, and living expenses

It’s one-on-one over the phone, so it sounds raw when it comes to money.

When face-to-face, I sometimes ask “How much do you get?” With a little bit of glue, but when I ask “How much do you get?” On the phone, the other party has plenty of time to think, “Yes. I don’t want to answer, “and the air can become subtle at once.

Besides money, it’s a good idea to refrain from talking on the phone.

Topic of telephone 3. Unsophisticated off-color humor

It sounds real when the bottom story is over the phone, so it’s completely NG. The moment you hear it, it’s hard to react, and when the other person pulls and becomes silent, it’s difficult to recover from it.

Especially if the other person is a woman, there is a high probability that you will feel uncomfortable, so avoid it. It’s legal even if you’re aiming for something. It is safer to avoid even light jokes.

Manners are also important because it is a phone call with a favorite person.

We have delivered everything from topics that are lively on the phone with your favorite people to topics that are NG. Unlike face-to-face calls, it can be difficult to get through and sometimes the other person feels uncomfortable.

Whether you are going to call or are accustomed to calling many times, please have a good time while observing your etiquette.

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